Monday, February 27, 2017

Summer in February | The Company Cometh

This is Haven, eating Daddy's leftover pizza crust on the front porch. (^^^)

Yes. It's actually warm enough for that. HOT, actually, if you sit out in the sun doing paperwork for an hour. (Not sure if I'm burnt or tan yet...)

To a former Wisconsin girl, this is crazy. We're planting stuff in the garden, mowing grass and having picnic lunches in ...wait. Is this still FEBRUARY?!

I love North Carolina. ((Somebody remind me of that in July.))

On other news:

There's no inspiration for getting little odds and ends finished up in your house like company. Therefore, among other reasons, I LOVE ME SOME COMANY. I'm so excited that my parents are coming down in March, then coming back with my little sister and ma' bestie in April!!

*Now, I do realize that I never post photos of the house, for the home folks, here ya go! Rejoice!

That flowery arrangement..."thing" happened in December when the evergreens were fresh and delightful. They're not so fresh and delightful now, two months later. I ain't no florist, and for-shore have a whole lot to figure out where "decorating" is involved, but I gritted my teeth, prayed (no joke. It's the only way any decent decor happens around my house 😂) and dove in.

Alrighty. That'll be about enough. We're taking supper to my Parents - in- love, and I prolly need to get that ready to put on the grill.

Happy Sarurday!


Lily Pyatskowit said...

What a little sweetie! And you are quite the decorating queen! Can't wait to see your house in person.~Mom

Bethany Collins said...

Awww I CAN NOT wait to hold that sweet little girl!! So excited to see you soon! ❤️��

Anna said...

Can't wait for you both to be here!!