Wednesday, February 22, 2017


"What you take for granted, someone else is praying for."

I saw it, and pressed "pause." Just stopped my busy brain and focussed on those words.

What I take for granted.

I hadn't been feeling terribly ungrateful - not ungrateful at all, really, but it was a challenging evening.

The kitchen waited for cleaning, along with several other unfinished chores. The house needed picked up again, Haven was fussy, I had a huge amount of paperwork to do still, and BOY DID I ITCH!! (Poison oak. Huge, welting patches of it. For days.). 

So much to do, so little time. The story of mothers everywhere. 

But: "What I take for granted."

I looked down at my little girl and let her reality sink in. My baby; to laugh be "everything" to. When her world is upside down, she lays her head on my shoulder and quiets. When she's afraid, she clings to me. When she's happy, her smile warms up the day. 

And the kitchen? I'm so glad I have one. A year ago we were still house searching, and didn't know if we would EVER find something cozy like this to call home. It's full of dirty dishes - and I'm blessed to have a husband and little girl to cook for. We're blessed to have food. 

Altogether, I looked at the big, swirling list of things to do, resisted the urge to rake the top layer off of my welted skin, and settled. Breathed. 

This is still my dream come true - and not only are these blessings what someone else is praying for, but they are what I prayed for; what I pleaded with God to let me have; what I begged Him to please let me be - a wife, and a mother. 

In the middle of the schedules that crumble over on top of each other, and the times when I would really just LOVE TO CUT MY TOENAILS but don't have time, and the nights of sleeplessness - I am so happy to be this. So completely happy. 

I tucked my sleepy baby in her crib, and turned to my waiting "to-do" list. Not with drudgery, but with a thankful heart. 

"For insomuch  as ye have done this to the least of these my little ones, ye have done it to me."

Don't think He doesn't see your labor of Love. He knows, and He cares - what you do for His children (remember, they came from Him) will never be unnoticed.

This busy ol' world my skim over your dishwashing, and comforting, and "being there" for your husband and children with a look of confusion and disdain - but never forget how important this is in His eyes.

He called you for this, chose you for this - and has equipped you to overcome, every day. And if He's for you ...

You know the rest.

So rest.

And get busy.

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Elisabeth said...

Good food for thought and something that we should post where we will see it often and be reminded.