Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Momma | Going Home

"Its my turn to hold Haven..."

"No its my turn. You've had her for the last twuny minutes..."

This is the sound of family vacation in Wisconsin.

The argument generally ends with Grandma telling Uncle Isaac and Auntie Becca not to fuss, and triumphantly settling into the rocker with the root of contention.

Haven is loving this.

And so is me.

It's been so awesome to break away from the routine and chill. For realsies. It's cold - but that means steaming cups of hot tea and throw blankets on the couch. Which is how every day ends - long conversations about nothing in particular on the couch. All together.

I miss this. Sometimes its hard to think of them all so far away.

But then my thoughts turn to the little house in Shingle Hollow; the baby who snuggles close and smiles in the early mornings. The husband who walks through the door, covered in grease and dust and mud from a long day "at the office", grinning. My mind goes back to all the aspirations for turning our house further into "home." It remembers the challenges that wait for me; and my heart reminds me that this is my calling.

It's not wrong to miss your family. It is wrong not to bloom where you're planted.

In so many scenarios it's easy to see the misery of little girls who move away from Momma. 'Cause That's what they are: Little girls. Women of character rise to meet the challenge. Little girls shrink back from "The New" and tearfully plead for the familiar.. They refuse to embrace their new surroundings, culture and place. Misery is a choice.

Unfortunate, at best.

This is something Mom drilled into our heads long before we were old enough to even have a boyfriend: Bloom. Where. You. Are. Planted.

By God.

Not by choice. Not by your husband.

By God --

To make a place of refuge for your husband to come home to. To hold your children and teach them to be strong in the Lord.

To be a servant.

Unpopular? Extremely. Politically correct? The opposite. But God-thought, approved and vindicated? Of course; it's in His Word.

Selfishness is popular today. But not with God, and not with His people.

Today, choose peace. Choose to thrive. Choose to exalt in every living, breathing second you have on this new adventure. Be a wife, a mother, a child of the King. You're not alone; you'll never be alone, because long before you were given to your Mom and Dad, your loving heavenly Father chose you for a purpose. This purpose. Now go, fulfill your destiny; for great is your reward in heaven.


Anna said...

I wrote this a couple months ago, but wasn't sure if I should post it. Came across it in my drafts and thought it might encourage someone.

Alisha Bonnell said...

I'm so glad you posted this! It greatly encouraged me - thank you!!! This is what the Lord is currently teaching me as I embark on growing ever closer to Him.

I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog since as long as I can remember (the past seven years I think).

Thank you again!


Anna said...

Thanks Alisha! Your comment is an encouragement to ME!

I think every girl deals with this at some point - I posted this because I NEEDED THE REMINDER TOO! Lol

I'm praying for us both:)

Lily Pyatskowit said...

Love this post! So happy you are "Blooming where you are planted." Miss you!