Saturday, January 14, 2017

You might be a Mamma IF::

You have a special kind of alarm clock. My child doesn't believe in sleeping in. But that's okay - she loves to snuggle close in the mornings. Occasionally. She'd much prefer to wiggle and be held. And stand up. And not stand up. And stare out the window. And stick out her tongue. And smiiiile at the beautiful new day. And the world.

You know how to crack an egg with only your left hand. You can also blow your nose with only your left hand. These two talents belong to supermoms everywhere, I think.

You do your everyday workout with a thirteen pound child in your arms. Because, apparently, 30 minutes is waaaay to long for you to be apart. ❤️ Hey. It burns extra calories.

You play the piano with nine fingers instead of ten. She needs to hold one.

You try to be a good mommy and leave her on the floor to learn how to crawl. But she stares with wide-open blue eyes for a long moment. She stares, then out comes the bottom lip, and a soft mournful wail slips out while her whole being slowly sinks to the floor.

She needs you.

Mean ol' Mom.

You become fluent in "Preschool." The day she was born, was the day my grammar and pronunciation died. I didn't know I had a lisp and couldn't speak with my "W" sound. You learn something new every day....

You actually catch yourself wishing the baby would wake up sometimes. Her delighted smile when she sees you, the warm little arms around your neck - so worth every "inconvenient" moment.

You get way more excited about her clothes than your own. ((I wore one of her hairbows once. Couldn't resist.))

You love her to death, and can't imagine your life without her. Kida are put in a bad light nowadays, but in my book, and the Bible, at that, "The fruit of the womb is His (God's) reward."

I love you Haven Grace.

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Anonymous said...

She is such a sweetheart and you're an amazing mommy!
Love you both so much (and Ethan too!)