Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fireman's Wife | Night of Hairbows

When surprises and danger are present, my man does some of his best work.

I don't.

 **you shoulda seen what happened when that daddy-long-leg crawled across my door handle in the car last Saturday.**

Over a week ago, a forest fire (or maybe I oughta say THE forest fire) started two districts from us. He was promptly dying to go help. Smoke hangs like fog for miles, the houses on the mountain have been hastily evacuated, and each local fire district has been called to service.

The pager went off before he got in the door from logging all day. His face was positively glowing; "I gotta go, Hun." A kiss goodbye, and he was gone.

I must admit. He looked awfully dashing in a dead sprint.

So....what does a fireman's wifey do to keep from worrying about her man?

She prays.

And makes hairbows.

And tries not to think about it.

And makes hairbows.

And can't help wondering if he's okay.

And makes hairbows.

The hands on the clock seemed to be broken while I tucked ribbon and kept burning my fingers with the lighter (because one must heat-seal the ribbon.)



Nine and a half...

Nine and a half and three seconds...

And then, finally, the door opens, and there he is! His face is tired and streaked with dirt - and, I might add, grinning at me for looking so worried. I've never ever felt so happy to see someone. He's been working for 21 hours straight. It's 3:15 in the morning.

And he's safe. (In spite of a 4-wheeler wreck that sent another fireman (the driver) to the E.R. Thankfully Ethan had time to jump off before the whole thing flew up in the air and flipped.)

But, hey! At least Haven has more hairbows now...

And we're all together again.

Ps. Please pray for the crews + the people who have had to leave their homes in jeapordy. It would be a hard thing to come home....to no home. 


Anonymous said...

I remember doing a lot of praying and staying busy (just like you) when your dad would run out the door in the same fashion. Thank the Lord for brave men who fight fires!

Bethany D said...

I'm feeling you! Aidan is working towards his Criminal Justice degree, and I *know* that I'll be one worried wreck all the time when he finally joins the force.

A lot of prayers are going up for all these brave men who risk their lives everyday, but I think all these brave wifeys at home need some prayers, too! So, bless your heart for keeping down the home front and praying for your husband until 3:15 in the morning. And keep making hair bows (they're super cute!)

~ Bethany

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!
Not sure if you remember Lauren Erickson (Rachel now ;) hehe!) I ran across your blog and just thought I'd let you know I'm praying for you! My husband works for division of forestry here in Ohio and he has made some trips out west for weeks at a time to fight fires. Anyways, I know how hard of work that is for them and the worry their wives go through �� Just thought I'd let you know I'm praying for you and your family!

Also I have enjoyed reading your blog! :)
God bless you!