Monday, October 24, 2016


Saturday dawned at the crack of dawn. (Like it usually does.)


I'm happily exhausted. This post will probably add extra evidence to that self evident truth. Evidently.  Which is to say: we've had a fun, busy weekend and Monday (which also dawned at the crack of dawn. . . ) is a putting-the-house-back-together and "getting-Haven-back-in-her-sleeping-schedule" and "rest up again" kind of day.


When Haven was born, a troup of family and friends formed a Painting Batalion and took our new house by storm. They painted every last room. (Aside from the bathroom, one of the bedrooms, and the kitchen - which I had started whilst "greatly with child." (Although I think they did trim and a second-coat on a thing or two, anyway.) There were also the volunteer drywallers, popcorn scrapers, and Mike and Angie who helped tirelessly beside us.

We were stunned and extremely grateful. We moved in soon afterward. As soon as the house began to resemble a living space and most of the boxes were unpacked (aka: this week), we planned a "thank you" dinner for all the folks who helped us out. It was bittersweet, since my immediate family (who worked so tirelessly that week) wasn't able to join us.

Ethan was an indispensable help: it was incredibly fun to work together on something so fun:) I also recruited Caroline, Harrison, and Pierce (niece and nephews) to help me out. We had a blast!

The evening turned out to be amazing - I feel like our house is officially our house now. It's been filled with music, and light, and "our" people everywhere. A dream come true for us, really.  It felt like such a great success to be able to serve our friends and family and treat them to an evening in the country;)

So many blessings.


Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there. Everything looks delightful! I can't wait to hear you play your piano.

Bethany D said...

Y'all are killing this adult thing! Your meal looks fantastic! And you're house is pretty cute, too. :)