Thursday, October 6, 2016

Once upon a Saturday

We are currently in the process of ripping out the old heating and air system, insulating underneath the house, and putting the new system in. Thankfully, Ethan and Mike are the kind of men who know all about that sort of thing (Mike owns a H&A business. Ethan worked for him before he started logging.)

Mother Nature is now oh-so-much nearer and more tangible every day. There used to be a decorating movement focussed on "bringing the outdoors in." For us, until the system is up and running, it comes in on its' own. Thankfully, October is a fairly mild month for us, weather-wise.

On this particular frigid morning, Ethan woke up first. I very muchly tried to ignore that it was time to get up and make breakfast. 



"D'ya wanna come sit on the porch swing with me?"

What wife would pass up a romantical opportunity like that? All sleepiness gone, we snuck outside to the chilly porch with a blanket and my hot tea. The old chains creaked comfortably. We talked about everything and nothing at all while the birds made their happy chirpings all around us, and the bugs collected pollen from the flowering bushes.

I love Satudays. 

And I love this handsome fella.

(Oh. Sorry. You're probably tired of hearing me say that. . . )

Eventually we decided to start the day. Ethan couldn't help himself and went inside to wake/play with Haven before leaving.(That little girl has an awfully infatuated Daddy.)

But anyhoodles. My most accomplished accomplishment was that of MY FIRST FLOWER BED! MY OWN! MY VERY OWN!

Some lovely friends of mine from Wisconsin sent me three gorgeous peony plants. Peonies are my favorite flower. In fact, they were supposed to be in my wedding bouquet . . . But the florist couldn't find me any in August. *siiiiiiiiiigh.

Ah, well. Garden roses are a close second. Still pretty.

Someday I want to make a little patio area out back. My lovely peonies have started me daydreaming about it. A nice little water fountain ((of a stature that no kiddies could accidentally stumble into)), maybe a little stone fire place, oodles and oodles of flowers ...

But for now, I've planted my peonies.


Anonymous said...

Love the video of Ethan and Haven "talking"! So sweet. Your garden will be gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Bethany Collins said...

Wow Anna. All I can say is WOW. Your flower bed looks like a Pinterest photo! Great job girl! Can't wait to walk through it with you, one day! ;)
Oh, and the video of Ethan and Haven is sooo adorable❤️


Anna said...

Lol! Beth, that IS a Pinterest photo. (Although I wish it was the real thing. . .) I just planted the bulbs, so far. Perhaps it will really turn out to be that lovely, someday.😊

Miss you, girlie!

Bethany Collins said...

Ohhhh! *facepalm
Haha! Im very confident that yours will be just as beautiful though!! ❤️