Thursday, September 29, 2016

The First Sha-bang

At last. The day has come.

Our house is still only half organized, and an eighth decorated. Therefore, a company gathering of more than two or three close family members had been "out." But finally, I've found the perfect excuse to plan a company dinner anyway: Ethan's birthday was yesterday, so we're having a party.

Seeing as how we have not yet procured a company-sized table, I recruited the aforementioned owner of way-more-muscle-than-me to drag two heeeeeeeeeeeevvvvy, solid wooden spindles out of the old shed (which is rather much like a vintage museum, actually. We kinda got sidetracked exploring the contents.) We then cleared the carport (Southern way of saying "the garage",) of all building supplies, and I set to work bleaching the spindles and an old ladder that I'd found. Voila! The table.

Now, let me confess. I do not multitask well AT ALL. Me and it have never got along. Like, ever. I've tried, and practiced, and done my level best: but it's always tough for me to have more than two things going on at one time. Necessity formed a new battle plan: DO IT AHEAD OF TIME.

So. I set about making the coleslaw, the BBQ pork and the cinnamon rolls on Saturday. Tucking them safely away in the 'fridge left me feeling satisfied that all would be well. On the day of the party, I got up before Haven was astir and put together the sweet potato casserole, baked the cinnamon rolls and made the macaroni and cheese.

Fabulous. All I had left was the sweet tea, cinnamon roll glaze, and warming/baking everything about an hour beforehand.

Haven complied marvelously. She woke up just as I was nearing the end of my cooking spree, and was content to sit happily in her swing, making delighted little chirping sounds while I finished up and cleaned the kitchen. After second-breakfast, she fell asleep while I spruced up the house and did laundry. Having these necessities mostly checked off the list, I was able to enjoy the decorating part of things while she lay drowsily on my shoulder. (I think she's getting ready for another growth spurt. . .)

Overall, it went off without a hitch. The only things I woulda changed, were: 1. I SHOULDA CLEANED THE LAUNDRY ROOM TOO! Never take for granted that "nobody will see" the one place you didn't tidy up. *smacks self. And next time, I'm going to figure out how to spend more time entertaining and less time cleaning the kitchen. ((Any pointers?))

The first gathering at our new house, and the first major company dinner with a baby! *check


Anonymous said...

You did a marvelous job! I love how you decided what could be done ahead of time. Such an important part of entertaining. It turned out beautifully! Love the spindles and ladder and all the d├ęcor! GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

Tip # 1. Never, ever, ever turn down a friend's offer of help!
2. Visit over the dishes!

Anonymous said...

"All your fine words
And all your good wishes
Will never replace
Help with the dishes."

Bethany D said...

Yay for you! It looks fab! I still haven't had people over "officially" at the apartment...and I don't even have a baby! Just the random students that crash our house to study.

And cut yourself some slack on the housekeeping!! I'm sure it couldn't have been *that* dirty (props to you for doing a load of laundry!!) I'm in the same boat for always wanting the house *spotless*, but sometimes you just needs let go and relax. Same with cleaning up the kitchen! Ours lead directly to the living room, so I can see the dirty dishes 24/7 (eeeck!!!) but I'm slowly trying to train myself to just let them be so I can spend time with whoever I've been cooking for...

Also, I got a kick out of Ethan's sweet tea jug! I have black tea in the fridge for Aidan all the time (although it's not labeled as cutely...) guys and their tea. ;)