Friday, September 2, 2016


I couldn't resist. She was (and is) so tiny, that I couldn't let time slip by without capturing her sweetness in family pictures. This one is my absolute favorite. Somewhere, somehow, it's going on a wall in our house. *now to decide which one....

Then, she was two weeks old. Now she's two months old; has just accomplished the feat of sleeping through the night ((Ethan and I are greatly rejoicing...)), and has developed a very cheerful little personality.

On the way home from Sunday evening service, Ethan was whistling (as is his habit). All of a sudden the sweetest little song came softly from the backseat. No joke: she was singing with him. 

Ever since, she likes to have little coo-ing conversations with Daddy and Mommy, and jus' griiiiins when one of us stops to talk to her.

I love my baby.

And I love this "Mom" thing.

It's not as hard as I thought: I've slowly figured out how to get things done with a newborn. 

Morning is my friend (never thought I'd ever, ever say that.) She is normally sound asleep until 7:00ish. I get up at 5:30 to empty the dishwasher, put supper in the crockpot, fold laundry, drink some tea, send Ethan off to work, unpack a box or two, and get a shower. Sometimes I stain a piece of furniture, or wash windows if she sleeps a little longer:)


Eight hours is important. If Momma does not get eight hours, evening is a groggy delirium. Life is a happy thing with eight hours. I like eight hours. So I ALWAYS try to count up how many hours of sleep I had through the night, then set my alarm for however-many-hours I lack...and me an' Haven take a nappieeeeeee!!

'Scuse me.

I get a little bit excited about feeling good through the day.

But, that's enough for now. A happy little "somebody" wants to be snuggled. And what Momma could deny such a sweetheart?!


Cheye said...

I can't wait to meet your sweet little Haven! 😍

Anonymous said...

You will never know how much it meant to receive that picture album in the mail! You are an awesome mom!

~Grandma Py

Anonymous said...

aww miss my little Haven! such a cutie! can't wait to see her again!
-Auntie Becca