Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me...

"Oh!" He grinned and leaned back in the recliner. "Now I can tell you what your birthday present is."

This mysterious "birthday present" had been a source of enjoyment to Ethan for the last few months; and a perfect distraction for me. (Since he loved to make me try and guess what it was.) On my actual birthday, he lamented that he had something planned, but couldn't give it to me yet. My Mother-In-Law assured me, with a knowing sort of look, that "It'll be worth it."

On Saturday, Ethan took the afternoon away from his busy schedule, strapped the baby in her car seat, and drove me to a piano studio. He told me to play them all, and  pick out the one I liked best. Particularly, he had baby grands in mind.

"Happy," and "Delighted" only begin to describe the giddy feeling I had, walking into the shop. it only took fifteen minutes for me to decide which one I wanted. The sweet, warm sound of the one far back in the corner - I loved it from the first song.

And he actually got it for me.

I still can't quite comprehend having a piano again, after a year without one, let alone that HE BOUGHT ME A BABY GRAND(?!)

Back in the car, I just kinda stared at him. "Why are you doing this, again?"

"Because you needed a piano." He smiled. "And so you can teach Haven when she grows up."

So, on Thursday ((sweet, beautiful Thursday)) the echo-ey, empty space in our living room will be comfortably filled up with our new "polished mahogany" piano.

I still can't quite believe it's happening.


Bethany D said...

I am piano less too! :(
But what a birthday!!!! This is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

So, so happy for you! You have been blessed with such a giving husband. Can't wait to hear you play it in your new house, in person!

Cheye said...

Awwweee!!! Sooo sweet!!!

Bethany Collins said...

Anna!!! Im so excited for you!! Someday you will have to play "River Flows In You" for me as I hold little miss Haven:) Love you bunches! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the song you played, what is the title of it? (I am also piano player and would want to play it myself :))

Anonymous said...

Hello, I like that song! You play well :) What is the title of the song?

Anna said...

Oh, thank you!

It's just a church song that we sing - "You deserve the Glory". I haven't the self discipline to play by note ((unless I hafta)). Lol