Saturday, July 30, 2016

Welcoming Haven (Part II)

The last I had heard, we had made it to a six. Because my water had broken so early on, the nurse didn't want to check me too often.  Time stood still under the bleary delirium of the lovely "State-all" (or however that's medically spelled), and I squeezed the life out of Ethan's hand through each contraction. 

I begged the nurse to let me up and walk, or shower....ANYTHING to make it easier. Nope. The State All had been known to make patients a little shaky, and she didn't want me to fall.


I Didn't think I'd ever be done. I'd just keep being squeezed within an inch of my life for, well... the rest of it.

And then I had to push.

But I was at a six still, right?

I sent Ethan after the nurse again. 

She promptly sent for the Midwife, telling me to just hold on..


Thankfully, the midwife rushed right in, after one more giant contraction. 

I was surprised that they were going to deliver her in the dark like that.( I found out afterwards that it wasn't dark at all - the medicine was playing tricks on my eyes. )

The birthing part was 100 times easier than the laboring, thank the Lord. Very intense, but so much easier.

And there, with the shadows of two nurses, a Midwife, and Ethan standing close, two shrill shrieks split the air...and the tears overcame me.

It's over. 

I looked up to see quiet tears slipping down Ethan's face. I had made him a Daddy. 

And our miracle was born.

I was sure there were Angels standing around the room; nothing was wrong with our five-pound, ten-ounce little girl. No NICU stay, no oxygen...

God has been good.


Bethany Carson said...

Congratulations! There are tears of joy in my eyes from reading your story. Thanks for sharing.

Cheye said...

Beautiful birth story! And s gorgeous baby girl! *hugs!*
Love, Cheye

Bethany Collins said...

This is just beautiful Anna. There aren't any words to express my happiness for you and Ethan. I pray for you and your sweet little family.. And I can't wait to meet beautiful Miss Haven ❤️ Lots of love.. -Beth

Justin and Kaitlyn said...

What a little doll baby!!!🎀💖😍 She's beautiful! Congratulations ❤️


Anonymous said...

So very sweet! Thankful God blessed you and Ethan with such a precious bundle. It's awesome being a Grandma....I bought Haven a gift today! :)
~Grandma Py

Bethany D said...

She's absolutely precious. I'm just going to focus on her preciousness and try not to think about the rest. EECK. I spent the weekend going over my mom's Bradley Birth Guide book and dying over all the diagrams. But you seemed to survive just fine, so maybe I can gather some confidence from your birth story. :) But for reals, SHE IS JUST AMAZING.