Tuesday, May 24, 2016

If You Want True Love

Supper was done, my dishes were washed, and dark had fallen My blue-eyed fireman was out ridding the community of unmowed grass, while I finished up my to-do list, made hot chocolate,
(aka: my new in-place-of-coffee drink) and prepared to prop my feet up and SIT for a few minutes.


I grabbed one of my old journals for company, and tried to look cute. (In case he happened to come in and see me here). I tried to pull my knees up in front of me and balance the journal on top like I used to.  (Honey, it's hard to find cute ways-of-sitting when you're preggo.)

But anyways.

I opened the journal and realized, delightedly, that this one happened to contain all of my un-important ramblings from the first time I met Mr. Pritchard, to our wedding.

I made several conclusions while laughing over my half-exhausted scribbles (we nearly never got off the phone until...like, 2:00 in the morning).

1. He's still perfect.
2. We still haven't "fallen out of love" - as most everyone seemed to think we would.
3. I still get butterflies when I see him.
4. We still never argue.
5. I still miss him like crazy (even though I know he'll be home for supper)
6. He still says I'm enough; loves me like I am...

And the list goes on forever.

Finally, I just had to stop and thank God for my happiness.

Things haven't changed between us.

I always prayed for this kind of love. This best-friendship that holds any secret, accepts every imperfection, and eases any struggle. I never knew it could exist for me, except for the fact that God made me a promise "Ask much, that your joy may be full."

There were days when I was exasperated with not knowing who I would marry. There were times when I was sure he must be in Africa, somewhere. Sometimes, it felt like the Lord had forgotten me.
But those were the times when I thanked Him anyhow, because feelings have nothing to do with faith.

That whole time, God was shaping, and teaching, and molding. Me? Yes. But also someone almost a thousand miles away from my freezing, Northern world. He was hearing someone else's prayers, too; and He answered both of them.

I just want to encourage those of you who are still waiting on "God's will." He sees you. He isn't cruel, or forgetful, or unconcerned with your need for your "other half." He has something amazing in mind for you; but you have to trust for it.

It pays off to have a settled peace in your heart; and to know you haven't just found "a good guy," but that God has brought you and your eternal mate together. Don't jump at any chance - pray hard. Be sensitive to God's voice.

An amazing marriage is heaven on earth (believe me!). Don't settle for anything less, and never stop
believing God's promise.


Anonymous said...

May you always keep the love you share. It takes self-denial, putting your spouse's needs/wants above your own, I Corinthians 13 in real, live skin. You and Ethan are so blessed. So very happy that God brought you together and answered your prayers. (He did the same for Daddy and me, too!) Love you both so much!

Bethany Collins said...

Wonderful post Anna.. It spoke right to my heart. :)

Zipporah A said...

Thanks for this post. Good things really do come to those who patiently wait on Gods plan. His plan exceeds our wildest dreams for sure.

Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

Lovely post. You always write so beautifully, Anna.

Hannah Leake said...

Sweet and encouraging post! Love the reminder!
Also found your blog because of the title. I am a southern girl through and through!