Saturday, May 14, 2016

Round Three; Ready.


The reality dawned.

"It's Saturday.

Like, really.


Saturday is my new favorite day of the week (well, since being pregnant, anyway.) Saturday, happens to be the day that babycenter sends out my weekly update on how the baby has grown, what to expect as far as aches, pains and woes in the next week, and all kinds of little sarcastic nothings to make One laugh about them instead of whine.

Today held a particularly wonderful announcement. "Week 28. Welcome to the third trimester."

Oh, happiness.

I'm almost a Mama.

Coming from a family of six (me being the oldest,) I grew up as second-mamma to whoever was mad at their brother, or afraid of the dark, or screaming in agony over some little ache or pain. I remember changing diaper explosions, cleaning up throw-up, and wiping blood off of the basement steps. (These emergencies only fell to me in the event of mom being temporarily at the grocery store, or something. She always preferred to handle the messy messes herself.)

But I know what it is to never sit down for fifteen minutes by yourself. I know children can be embarrassing. And dirty. And loud. Oh, believe me. I'm not in a blissful trance about motherhood. I know the extent of messes, clinging little arms, and the exhaustion of turning around to find what you thought was finished all to do over again. (While the baby stands there with half of your project in her mouth, smiling up at you.)

And you know what? I miss it.

Quiet, and lack of frequent interruption were two of the hardest things that I struggled to get used to when we first got married. I missed younger somebodies needing me, and bawling on my shoulder, and begging me for a story.

I crave that noise. I crave that exhaustion; the miracle of being a mom.

Moms-to-be, this time is such a gift. A challenge, A trust. And God never gives us more than we can handle; which means He has confidence that we CAN do all things through Christ!

I can't wait to hold her, and know that Lord willing, for years to come, there will always be somebody in the kitchen with me until "Daddy" gets home. When she gets older, we can laugh about nothing while folding the laundry, and cry together when her day goes wrong. And we will be constantly together, constantly learning, and constantly loving more. 🎀

The anticipation is amazing. This has been the best year of my life, and it's about to get a whole lot sweeter, and pinker, and adorable-er.


Anonymous said...

It is such an honor to be granted the gift of motherhood. Children truly are one of God's greatest blessings. You are going to be an awesome mom! “Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou mayest make princes in all the earth.” Psalms 45:16

The gift of children helps ease the ache of loneliness that is part of being miles (nearly 1,000 miles) away from your family.

So glad you've entered the third trimester! Soon we'll get to me that little sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

can't wait to meet her! Miss Pritchard is going to be the most loved and fashionable little girl (but she needs to know that "Auntie Becca" might just need a story too:D)
- Auntie Becca