Friday, April 29, 2016

Trim and Healthy...or Something.

My mornings dawn with the exuberant trills and warbles of the choir of birds who live out here where we do. (As in, the sticks of Shingle a Hollow.)The blue swallow tailed butterflies flitter everywhere, and the damp, sweltering humidity turns my hair into a 'fro every morning.

Which is to say, basically, that, well, it's hot. Not just hot, though; I'm certain that this is the kind of hot that can lead to overheating, and dehydration, and definitely, most certainly, that most horrifying sensation of sweating during vigorous exertion. Meaning, mostly, well....

I don't wanna exercise no more.

Puh-leeeeeeze don't make me go out and walk for an hour in the blistering shade. Pu-leeeeeeze just let me stay in shape some other way. Puh-leeeeeze leave me in my air conditioned little house, with my glass of water that's mostly ice cubes, and the slippers that I now wear almost 24/7. I don't wanna be hoooooooooottttt.....

Yes. I'm being overly dramatic. At least it's not cold. I'd rather be hot than cold. 

But this is now my daily struggle. 

The health regime of me, while being pregnant looks like this:

At least three 8oz. Glasses of water every day.
Remembering to take my prenatal vitamin with one of those glasses.
My arm workout. 
My 30 minute minimum of light cardio.

Oh. You're wondering about the arm workout? Yes. I found it on Pinterest. It's easy-peasy compared to the real ones my little sister is so good at, and nothing at all compared to all the hauling and lifting and dragging and hefting that my super-fit husband does every day. But it's active. And it counts as fifteen extra minutes of exercise away from the squelching out-of-doors. In six weeks, I'm supposed to be slim and trim...or that's what it says, at least. 

I haven't invested in any weights, because I never imagined myself working out this way. So Ethan found me in the kitchen one night, performing bicep curls with a full gallon of milk. (Don't laugh. It has a handle.) He had a rather quizzical look on his face, while he watched me struggle. He finally couldn't help himself and asked for a turn. He knocked out thirty, without one hint of being out of breath, and looked at me, amused. Show off. Now he refuses to work out with me. Something about me not catching him playing with the milk jugs in the kitchen.

Well alrighty then. Just go ahead and keep grinning that mischevious little grin, my dear. 

(I consider it part of my job description to make him smile at my ridiculousness. I've gotten pretty good at it, obviously. Between my lack of directional skills, my unfortunate dislike for the dark, the habit of laughing at things that nobody would find funny, and other little weirdnesses....we really enjoy life.) 

But anyways. I had better get back to my kitchen and finish putting together the not-so-secret package that I'm putting together for Mothers' Day.

And I should probably go check on the milk in the kitchen. Don't want it getting lonely. I'd hate for a Ethan to miss his evening amusement.


Cheye said...

Haha you aren't too weird Anna! I've done bicept curls with milk jugs before!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! And super-excited about that surprise Mother's Day package for someone...Kara has done the math and figures in six weeks, you are going to be huge, economy size...not slim and trim like those arm exercises six weeks you'll only have 10 more weeks to go! Can't wait to see you!

Anna said...

ROFLOL! Thanks, Cheye. That's just what awesome people do, right?!

Mom: yeah. Sadly, I think that was only referring to my ARMS. I definitely agree that nothing is going to make me officially "smaller" at this point;) Cant wait to meet her!!!!!

Cheye said...

Haha exactly!
I started my own blog a couple weeks ago and would love to have you check it out.

Bethany Collins said...

Hahaha oh Anna!! This made the memories of our 1:00am workouts return to my mind! Rofl! Keep it going girl! It will pay off! ;) Love and miss youuu!! <3