Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And Then There Were a Three...(Week 15)

Greetings and salutations,

::The Baby; The Bump::

I finally took a real "bump" picture for Mom. Now you can see it with your very own eyes. ((You're welcome. )) Our church puts on a Marriage Banquet every year, and the waistband of my favorite plum-colored  dressing-uppish dress accented Baby Pritchard perfectly. The waistband also pinched rather uncomfortably. It'll be the last time I wear that one for a while... ;)

Our sweet baby is four whole inches long!! Andtheultrasoundisinfifteendays!!!!!!! "I'm pretty excited,"is an understatement.

::Laughter Is The Best a Medicine::

I've noticed some weird patterns here, lately. Thankfully, I've just caught myself being abnormally teary in devotions, and laughing uncontrollably over pathetic things. The "laughing uncontrollably" part is, by far, the most fun.

If you ever catch yourself with 30 minutes of spare time ( you know, like when supper's ready in the oven, all six loads of laundry are done, the house is clean, you've spent time having devotions, you've had your shower, the extra projects are finished... Aaaaah. I love those moments.) you should really read a few chapters of the original version of "Winnie the Pooh," by A.A. Milne. It's officially called "The House At Pooh Corner." If you're pregnant, it will be amazingly hilarious. (And even if you're not.) No, I'm not being stupid, or showing my age; it's highly amusing. Trust me;)

::And Then There's Kara::

She sent me an actual ice cream machine.

Bless her heart...

The bowl of that ingenious contraption has to freeze before One can use it. So I fantasize over what kind I'm going to make first and listen to the music she sent me via email.


But now, I'd better go. The baby is hungry again. Can't starve the baby.


Anonymous said...

Your bump is SO cute! Love the pics!!! 😃
Love, Cheye

Anonymous said...

No, you mustn't starve that baby! Sounds like he/she needs some ice cream. And your sister is very sweet! Emotions go crazy when you are expecting, so dry your tears, and think on things that are "true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report." And read as much Winnie the Pooh as needed. Love you so much!

Bethany D said...

Don't starve the baby. :) I laughed too hard about this...
And you are absolutely one of the CUTEST preggo mommy-to-be! I absolutely am smiling my smile off over your baby bump!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the cutest little pregnant lady ever! You're beaming, Anna! :) I've been following all of your updates, keep them coming! -Abigail from Louisiana

P.S. I know visits back home are probably at the top of the list, but a visit to Louisiana should be on there somewhere as well! ;)

Justin and Kaitlyn said...

You are one adorable pregnant lady!! :D


Serenity said...

Aw! Anna, you are so cute! I love reading your updates. :) You looked so pretty in your banquet dress.

Sarah said...

Our family LOVES the original Winnie the Pooh stories too. The Kids and I think they are hilarious too. I'm amazed sometimes at the humor they catch from them, because I think they are written in quite grown up language that many little kids wouldn't catch/get, but they love them, and ask me to read them a lot. You keep reading them and laughing, they are great! :-)

Loving your posts, and CONGRATULTIONS a thousand times over, by the way. We are so excited for you and Ethan, and so looking forward to seeing baby when he/she is born. Can't wait for the gender reveal, too. :-) Things have been so busy, I can barely squeeze in reading a blog let alone commenting, but we have been keeping you guys in prayer and the kids are so happy for you guys too, they love babies like the kids in your family always have

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Anonymous said...