Wednesday, January 20, 2016

And Then There Were Three...(Week Eleven)

This morning Shingle Hollow, North Carolina was visited by a flurry of gorgeous white snowflakes. It looked like one of the first snows of Wisconsin (only those usually happen in October.) There's something about being inside, all cozy, when the gray skies and soft white are forced to remain outdoors. Thoughtfully, I cleaned up the house and made my bed; wondering what it will be like when I finally, actually get to hear our baby cry for the first time, and snuggle him up against me until he/she quiets.

Yes. I admit.  I may have cried a little bit. But that's just between us - got  it?!

There's only a week and a half until I'm a third of the way there. I'm can't wait!!

The Baby: The Bump

He/she has grown an entire half inch. Now that the vital organs (and everything else) are in existence, height and weight are really picking up speed:) I sneaked a peak at what will be happening next month The baby will be big enough to fit in the Palm of my hand. That's downright amazing.

I still fit relatively well in my typical sizes, but I know those days are numbered (and I'm so glad they are...) so maternity websites are a new favorite of mine.


Surprisingly, I don't have all that many anymore. (But maybe that's because I caved and had a little bit of Ethan's ice cream this week. He has no more cookie dough in his tub of cookie-dough ice cream. I've searched every particle in that tub to find more...but there's just not. I wonder who dug all that out of there?) Mostly, I just struggle to accommodate my very large appetite. It's wise to take snacks EVERYWHERE.

I'm hungry now, as a matter of fact...

Other Stuff:
Went and had blood drawn this week. I was slightly surprised at how much they took the liberty to draw. "Umm...'scuse me, Ma'am...but I...uh...kinda need a little bit of that...if you could leave a few ounces, I would be most appreciative...I mean...if you could spare some..." I kinda wondered if I'd feel dizzy or faint without all that deep-red liquid that she was so effortlessly pouring out of my arm...

Just kidding.

One of the nurses was ultra concerned that I had high blood pressure. I was skeptical. Very skeptical. But I was warned that I needed to monitor it closely, because it could cause some serious problems for the baby. She didn't actually take my blood pressure though, so I stopped at my sister-in-law's house (she works in Labor and Delivery) and asked her to check it. The numbers were perfectly normal, thank the Lord.

Strange. Very strange.

But, other than that, all is well (minus the torment of stretching ligaments that don't like to clean houses.) For the most part, I'm fit as a fiddle.

Enjoy your day!


Bethany D said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your attitude to all your check-ups and food cravings. haha. :) Keep smiling!
And eep! BABIES! So excited for you!

Lydia S. said...

It's so fun to read about your journey Anna! Hope you have a good 1-1/2 weeks until the beginning of your 2nd trimester!

Anna said...

Can't wait to hear your baby cry for the first time either! So thankful your blood pressure is fine...have to wonder about that nurse, though! We've been laughing on and off all day about the closing down of the entire state of NC over your snow! ;)

Hannah Lewallen said...

Hi Anna! This is Hannah Lewallen, (formerly Spryn) :) I found your blog a year or two ago and I enjoy looking at your postings! I just wanted to tell you "Congratulations!!", first on your marriage, and also on your pregnancy, I am so happy for you!!! It seems like just yesterday that my family and I were traveling up to WI to visit, and my siblings and I were all young, and you and your siblings were all young, and it's just so hard to believe that you are married now, and I am married now, and everyone is just growing up! Time sure flies... I also wanted to tell you I was very blessed by the testimony you put on a few postings ago about how the Lord healed you of sickness during your pregnancy, that was very encouraging and I will be remembering that when my time comes, that is so true that we don't have to settle for being sick! Anyways, I just wanted to say hello, and again, I am so happy for you and so glad you are doing well, and I can't wait to see pictures of your little one when he/she comes:) Lord Bless You!

Anna said...

Aw, thank you, Hannah!! Your comment brought back so many memories;) It's crazy to think back to those times and realize all the changes that God has brought us through since then. He makes life so beautiful, doesn't He?!

God bless you and your husband with continued happiness..,(Isn't marriage awesome?!)