Thursday, January 7, 2016

And Then There Were Three...(Week 9)

The Baby; The Bump

"Aww......" Ethan was elated one morning to alert me to the fact that my belly was sticking out a little further than normal. He's usually extremely conscientious and cautious to say nothing but positive things about my appearance; now, "positive" involves my getting bigger, apparently. (lol) In spite of all my healthiness and rigidity (or something like that) with cravings, week nine presented itself with the relaxation of all my smooth muscles. Which, more to the point, means; "Week nine presented itself with a lot of bloating and aching." Which, even more to the point than that; IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, week nine presented to me, the realization that my stomach is still sticking out. At week nine. At week nine.

Yes. Aggravating as it is, I'm super excited, even if that pooch isn't the baby. Because it kinda makes me look a little more pregnant. And that's fun. Except that skirt waistbands that aren't stretchy, are pretty annoying sometimes.

Ps. The pic isn't what I really look like all the time. Kara demanded a picture of the bump, so I had to stick my stomach out as far is it would possibly go. Just for the record.


Yesterday (and maybe the day before that), I'll admit, I had to sneak in the freezer and snitch one teaspoon of Ethan's ice cream - but it was only a teaspoon. I've learned that strawberries and cream, sour cream and yogurt make half-way-sorta-okay substitutions for ice cream. Thankfully, the need for pasta has almost disappeared. Now all things sweet are So I have tea with honey a lot. And I'm making a French Chocolate Silk pie to take to my Father-In-Law's birthday. In this emergency, I have declared that Friday shall be a substitute cheat day, this week. (Otherwise, Ethan and I get stuck eating the whole thing all by ourselves on Sunday. Not good.) 


Unfortunately, loosening ligaments kinda put a little pinch into the stretching routine. Pinching/pulling/orwhateverIdidwhenIwascarryingthevacuum a ligament will leave you limping around for a few hours afterwards, trying to avoid the stabbing twinges. *ick. So now I try to walk two miles every day, instead. 

Other Stuff:

When you're totally exhausted and don't want to take a nap, an epsom salt bath helps a lot. I'm almost tired of them, though. Very ready for the second trimester. They say it's a breather between tiny+exhausted, and huge+impatient. And I love not being sick all the time; I feel so blessed.

Be warned, pregnant women living far, far from your mothers, you will become far, far more homesick when you're expecting. Making certain dishes for supper, hearing music that reminds me of taking Kara to the Bellin Run for the last two years, smelling oranges that remind me of cleaning my aunt's house together...all those things make you feel very...sad. But if you get busy, have devotions, and plan an extra thing-or-two (like scrapbooking or spring cleaning) you'll brighten up again.

But, overall, everything is going well. We're blessed!

Ps. Pregnant or not pregnant, what's been one of your craving's lately? 


Kara said...

You and "Little Man" are totes adorbs!

No more pickle cravings? What is the world coming to... ;)

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Love the baby bump pic. For the record, I always showed really early and got HUGE! Proud of you for walking everyday and JUST TAKE A NAP when you get tired. Miss you and love you, too.
Daddy favorite "endearment" for me was, "Plumpkin". :)

Justin and Kaitlyn said...

Aw :) It's so fun getting to see you go through this chapter in life!!

Loving all the posts that are coming from your way as well ;P

and i must ask.......Is that one of those super cute, look-so-soft-I-could-lay-on-it-for-hours, white furnish rugs in your bedroom??


Bethany Collins said...

This is simply the sweetest❤️

Anna said...

Thanks girls! Your comments really brighten my day!!

@Kaitlyn: Yes. Ethan and his parents knew I wanted one, so they bought me a real sheepskin rug for's just as comfortable as it looks. I do devotions on it every day!!

Maria said...


Congratulations again on your exciting news!! I'm absolutely thrilled for both of you and reading this put a huge smile on my face. :) Your little bump, by the way, is very cute! And I'm amazed at your self control to eat ONLY one teaspoon of ice cream! How?!? Knowing my love of ice cream that could never happen... Love you!