Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And Then There Were Three...(Week 12)

YEEEEEEESSS!! Almost done with the first trimester.

The Baby; The Bump

Our child is now a little over two inches long and weighs a whole, huge half of an ounce. His/her Mama, on the other hand, has gained two pounds. (More than likely, before this is over, I simply won't disclose how much "Mama" has gained; so be grateful. Cherish these moments;)

I did have to indulge in a little trickery, though. Mom asked for a picture of The Bump (rather small and not impressive unless I've just eaten + drunk a whole glass of water) to show everyone. So I rigged one right up for her...and grabbed some ice cream as a prop. Unfortunately, half of the people on Facebook actually believed the picture. (Roflol!) I haven't yet taken the time to correct anyone.

The Name Game:

I've decided on a middle name. Hungry. I am now forced to eat something every two or three hours, unless I want to be visited by a gnawing stomach, rather severe headache, and pretty dancing lights. I don't want to hear anymore about how I never eat enough, folks! Ethan knows I do...

The other day we were doing some paperwork at the kitchen table, and he decided to get out his bag of beef jerky. (Teriyaki. Nuff said.)

Exploringly, his hand reached deep, and deeper into the bag.

He looked inside.

"Man. They really short you on these things..."

I might have burst out laughing at him. Who knows where that delicious stuff actually went....

Other stuff:

We're doing cloth diapers. I know; I'm weird. When the baby is still in newborn stage (which, he/she will be in forever, of course!) I'm going to do the disposables; but after that, the cloth ones are more cost effective and have far, far less chemicals in them. I already have a few that I bought last week. (Who knew diapers were so cute?!)

Well, my walk is calling me. Enjoy your afternoon, Ladies;)


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh Anna :))
I'll have to email you sometime soon, it's been far to long!

Anonymous said...

I like your new name, Hungry! or is that the baby's middle name? Poor, starving Ethan! Love and miss you.

Zipporah A said...

I love the way you write. It's so engaging

Anonymous said...

Awe how far along are you? So precious!:-)

Virginia said...

What type of cloth diapers are you doing? I'm going to cloth diaper too! It took some work to convince Joel :)

Anna said...

I like the "Bum Genious" brand:)

Anonymous said...

awe so sweet!!!!!! I bet there is a bunch of excitement!