Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And Then There Were Three...(Week 10)

Dear, sweet Writers of Comments, you have no idea how much your cheerful encouragement means to me, all the way in Dixie;) Just wanted to throw that out there before giving you the weekly news. For reals, though. They make my day:)


The Baby; The Bump

Girls. The baby has hair now. (I still feel like melting all over the floor when I think about that...pardon me, a moment.) HAIR. According to my weekly email update, he/she has most of his/ her vital necessities in place (at a little over an inch long, isn't that miraculous?!) and they are now continuing to develop. Tiny fingers and toes are fully separated, stretching, and kicking around in all directions.

I JUST WANNUM NOOOWW!! It's hard to be patient when I think of a tiny, warm wittuw baby all snuggled up against me.

Alright. Sorry. I'll stop gushing now...

Aches and Pains:

I think my back is absolutely far, far too dramatic about all this. On this fine Wednesday morning, I woke up to stabbing pains with every breath I took. So much fun. The ligaments still enjoy pinching and pulling me rather a lot, so I've become far more attentive to my bodily needs, that are so commonly voiced through reverberating twinges. (Don't you dare pick that up from this angle, young
woman! Etc.)

Cravings: Ice cream persists. It's pretty much a miracle that I'm still what I weighed when we got married. Having found this out, I feel much better about the extra weight that will be adding up soon. I don't mind getting bigger for the baby's sake; just so it's not my sake on top of it. Trust me; I eat whatever healthy things suit my fancy. (Quite a bit, too...) lol

Other stuff:

My laundry is done, so I am too. Have a lovely day, and try a cookie dough hot fudge sundae with walnuts for me. Kay?


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww! Baby's are a gift from god!

Anonymous said...

Hair????!!! So exciting!

This is the one time in life you don't have to worry about your healthy food choices, stay away from the junk/processed food and enjoy the freedom of eating as much as you want. You'll gain, but you'll be surprised how quickly it comes off. Just enjoy this little freedom while you can!

Loved the pic you sent to Kara! You look charming. ;)


Lydia S. said...

Sounds exciting Anna! Hang in there!