Monday, October 5, 2015

And Then My Dreams Came True

Stylists were busy with curling irons while chiffon rustled, and coffee steamed.

Nervous Anticipation: is this really happening?!
My talented Auntie turned the wedding into perfect fairyland.
My mind kept wandering..."I wonder where he is right now..."

And then, it actually happened. All those months of planning and praying and wishing - there it was.

At long last, here's a little peak at our wedding day. Words can't describe how wonderful it is to find your one and only Soulmate.In spite of the way marriage is viewed nowadays, when you put God first, it is heaven on earth. Indescribably wonderful.

We might have been a LITTLE excited.
Maybe I was a little giddy. Maybe.
He's all mine, Ladies!

"And then he kissed her..."



More respectable pics (aka: less frosting + more bridal party) are on their way.

Stay tuned!


Bethany Carson said...

Oh wow! It looks like you guys *really* had fun eating cake! Enjoying your wedding photos so much--thanks for sharing!

Bethany Collins said...

Awww!! I've been waiting to see some wedding photos!! These are amazing<3 Bethany

Zoƫ Sanger said...

Beautiful moments! I love all the pictures :)
So glad I was able to share in the excitement!!!

Missing you!

p.s. just got your letter in the mail (along with a bunch of bills...guess what I opened first? lol so much for "aduldthood"...nothing has changed when it comes to how excited I get when receiving letters!)