Saturday, August 1, 2015

...Keep Calm...

   I'm pretty sure I could fill a whole "Pinterest" with new "Keep Calm" phrases that I've learned since planning this wedding.

Keep calm: and call Ethan.

Keep calm: It'll be better after your nap.

Keep calm: and play the piano.

Keep calm: and have more coffee.

Keep calm: and shell out another fifty.

But more than anything:

Keep calm and Pray about it.

I'm serious. Almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong. But after prayer, it miraculously worked out.

We couldn't find a church.

The seamstress ruined my dress.

The invitations never came in.

The new invitations were printed pink and purple.

My bridesmaids dresses came in the wrong color (and there was no time to return them)

We had to get different ties for all the groomsmen (they didn't match the dresses anymore)

I ordered a veil that didn't work.

Then I ordered another veil that didn't work.

Then David's Bridal didn't have a white veil. (Of all things?!)

My pianist and lead vocalist weren't able to come.

The miniature bride's dress was too big, so we ordered another one.

The miniature bride outgrew the new dress.

One of the officiants' flights wasn't scheduled to come in until long after the rehearsal.

We couldn't find sheet music for the violinists.

My tutorial for the pianist wouldn't upload (after I spent most of the afternoon working on it?!)

The florist couldn't find peonies for my bouquet. 

And my head hurt.

And I couldn't stop shaking.

And I. Just. Wished. Things. Would. Go. Right.

But they kept going wronger, and wronger and wronger.

Finally, I couldn't handle being stressed anymore, and me and the Lord had a little conversation about it. This morning I woke up, having had the best night's sleep in over a month, and was immediately greeted by some encouraging news from my designer; and for once in a whole week, I didn't have a headache.

It was so awesome. People say God doesn't answer prayer; but they've come a little too late to convince me of that. He's the High priest of our confessions, and this wedding is going to be beautiful! 

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Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

Well this will probably be my last comment on your blog till after you are Mrs.

I know everything is going to be lovely although the problems you have had to face do seem rather daunting.

Keep Calm but Hurry On. :)