Monday, July 27, 2015

Slideshows and Paint

Our house smells very much like fresh paint right now: Two bedrooms, three ceilings, a picket fence and shabby-chic shudders are the essence of "overly scented."

Enough to make you nauseous.

Very. Nauseous.

Of course, no large event would be complete without a slideshow; which involves digging through old pictures, searching through old jpg files and scouring Facebook for pics of when Ethan was a teenager.

And THIS is what happens when you go digging around in a dark closet, trying to find picture frames. Just don't even go there...

But wasn't he cute?!

Still is, as a matter of fact.... 

*Be still my heart .... Can't believe I get to marry this guy.

                                    Okay, fine. I'll stop gushing now.

CHEEEEEEESSSSE!!! {Way to ruin the picture, Anna... I still love this shot, though...}

Ooh! And here's another interesting one... with my MOH! (love ya, Kara:)

Okay. Enough Randomness; I need to go make supper before I become even more ridiculous. ;)


Anonymous said...

Haha Love it Anna :)

Zipporah A said...

Love your blog. Makes me laugh at times, God bless