Thursday, July 16, 2015

North Meets South {Part I}

Check it out, guys. This is my porch.
{I've always been in love with porches...}

So last week I invaded the coffee shop basement in search of boxes with which to pack up my Northern life. And I stuffed, and smashed and packing-taped that life into silent submission before squooshing it all into our 2005, Pontiac Montana van (nothing short of a miracle, right?!) for a sixteen hour drive to my house (my house?!!) in North Carolina.

After driving all night + making a quick stop at the Dollar Store (because we realized that I had forgot hangers for all my clothes. Woops!) we pulled into the driveway. At Last.

Rational people would have hauled their sleepy selves off to bed until later in the evening (when the Pritchard residence comes home from work.) Not us. We were too excited. Mom, Becca and I hauled every last bit of my new life into my new house, and promptly set to work.

                            This is some of the stuff Ethan and I hauled out of our cabin, into storage.
Here's a sneak-peak at some of my inspiration.
Yes. I'm a girly-girl.
Yes. Ethan is still okay with that.

Oh, yeah - and to top it all off: Before the trip was over, Mr. Pritchard and I had ourselves a gorgeous living room set. His Brother-in-law's parents were moving and needed to get rid of it...seriously, it was like that set was made for me!! Just exactly my taste. The rental we're moving into now is already furnished to the nines, but when we move into our actual house, we're gonna need some furniture. *Ta-da!

"For your Father knoweth what things ye have need of..."

I love this guy...I was so, extremely excited when he made it home from work. Most people are aghast that we're getting married so soon, but they might feel otherwise if they only got to see their fiance once a me. It's not fun.

This is torture. I miss him like crazy.

But Twenty-three days 'til together forever!!


Bethany B said...

Aww! Poor thing. 23 will be a snap, I promise! :) And wait. I'm confused. Are you getting married in N.C. or up in Wisconsin? AND YOU'LL MAKE AN ADORABLE SOUTHERN WIFEY.

Justin and Kaitlyn said...

the long distance is never easy but the "together-forever" is really awesome :)!! so happy for you, Anna! hopefully we'll get to see pictures of your new home once you're settled!

Anna said...

@ Bethany B.

Lol - thanks! Yeah, we're still getting married in WI. (Sorry if that got confusing there, for a second...) ;)

@ Kaitlyn.
I'll do my best! You and Justin are living proof that you CAN survive apart from each other. lol:) Love ya!

Bethany Collins said...

Awww!! :)