Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Extravaganza

My life currently involves coffee, the phone, google search, pinterest, etsy shoppes,facebook messages, online receipts, driving around Wisconsin like crazy and conferring with my back up crew.

Back up crew? Why, yes! When I can't decide what kind of favors to have, or what hairstyle looks best, I ask my "team bride." They're awesome. ((Shout out to Kara, Mom and Aunt Faith)). On the North Carolina side, they're busy planning a post-wedding reception, and the rehearsal dinner. ((Shout out to Ethan's Mom and Rachael Pritchard!!))

Love those girls.

Today's conundrums involved the coffee bar, (Are these coffee sleeves not adorable?!) honey favors, and super-secret bridesmaid-gift shopping. (Mwahahahaha...)

Ethan does a great job of keeping me sane. (Well, as much as can be expected, anyway.) He makes me promise not to do anything on the computer after midnight, and is a sweet reminder that AS LONG AS WE GET MARRIED EVERYTHING'S OKAY!!!

Oh. And singing helps, too. I'm sure my family is getting awfully tired of it...but they get a break when I'm on the phone. ;)

But I no longer remember how to punctuate sentences (sorry), often get lost halfway through a thought, and occasionally suggest taking a shorter route on our walks because; "Yeah, it's cheaper.

....wait a second..."

It's gonna be beautiful, though :) I love how it brings everyone together in the flurry of frivolity. You can see the website HERE

Ps. I love peonies..


Bethany Carson said...

Oooh, it must be *so* exciting! Thanks for taking the time to give us an update! Love the peonies.

Bethany B said...

Been there done that.
Still doing that. ;)
Wedding planning is super fun BUT IT'S ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, TOO! Since we're getting married a week apart, I'm pretty sure I can safely sympathize with the last minute wedding prep chaos. :D
(you seem to be handling it well!)

So far, the craziest was wedding registries (UGH!) and what the guys are gonna wear. I still haven't thought about that. ;)

Love ya! Keep posting updates!