Thursday, May 14, 2015

On the town with Becca

We had already bought mom's mothers day gift...but it wasn't going to be here on time. A quick phone call between us girls and it was decided: we need flowers.



Problem was, it was 7:00 on Mother's Day Eve and there were only a few withered clumps of nasty floral-like... things .... left in the store.

I hated them; but that was all there was. After agonizing in the Shopko "Card" aisle for forever-and-a-lifetime, trying to stay out of the other late-card-buyers' way, I sheepishly carried them up to the register. I mean, who buys their mother wilted, icky flowers on Mother's Day unless they're just ungrateful? This cashier must think I'm a nut.

I stared at those flowers, willing them to be beautifuller than they were.

They were still not beautiful.

With a long, horrible sigh I knew the truth; there was no way I was giving these to my incredible, deserving, sweet, selfless mamma. Shouldering my purse once more, I turned back.

WHEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRREEE AAAARRREE THE FLOWERS?!!!!!! In this whole huge town, there had to be one pretty bouquet left, suitable for a terrific lady.

Unfortunately, I was stuck in Green Bay with a grumpy GPS that was easily confused and frustratingly set on getting me lost. A flower shop was out of the question.

Rebecca (the poor girl agreed to be my shopping partner that night) skipped along beside me; said "hi" to the mannequins in DressBarn, and begged me not to look at anymore shirts.

"Um...I'm a little bit hungry. Where's a coffee shop?"

"I forgot my wallet, mind if I pay you back?"

"Did you know what I saw in the woods this morning? I thought it was grandpa, but it was actually a deer! I don't think I have any ticks - I only found one, and it must have been stuck in a vein, because it really hurt. But how could it have gotten on me?"

"Mom and Aunt Heather won the baby-food tasting game at Nina's baby shower. I thought it was disgusting. We played a game where we had to put on a blind-fold and find safety pins in a bowl of rice. Catherine won, because she guessed "twelve" and the answer was "thirteen."

"I don't think there's going to be anything decent in this store. We shouldn't even go in."

"Do you want some gum? I have a orange-mango-kiwi kind, and a watermelon kind, too. Which kind do you want? Or, do you want some of my chocolate?"

"Plllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssuuuuuh...not another shirt store!"

At long last, I procured some beautiful flowers. Utterly exhausted, Becca led me to the car. I was praying I could remember how to get home - the GPS never failed to forget the road renovations and lead us around in perilous loops.

Careening through Green-Bay evening traffic, construction, and Agnes's (the name of our GPS) ruthless commands, I tried to read the directions (which no longer applied, because I was on Oneida, the directions applied to "Mason" street). I turned around, like, twice. Becca was not phased in the slightest.

"Yeah...Jason had a bloody nose at church the other day. Esther did, too. I wonder what causes that?" Not thinking I had heard her, she discreetly reached over and turned down the music. "Were you listening?"

Oh...but I love that girl.

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Caitlyn M. said...

Love this. Sisterhood <3 She looks so much like you, Anna!!