Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jared and Betsy's Wedding

My stay in North Carolina was an excited blur of activity while Ethan and I helped get everything ready for his sisters' wedding.
Aka: hauling ginormous loads of gravel up the side of a mountain to pave the faulty walk-way, picking up flowers....picking up more flowers...running to the dollar store for candles...cutting stumps for table decor...setting up...taking down...carrying...moving.... decorating...etc, (That last part was especially exciting since I've always considered myself to be creatively challenged when it comes to arches, centerpieces, and the like.)

"Here - just put this display together."
Me: "Um....okaaaaay..."

But altogether, it was fabulous. I mean - how could it not be? I got to spend the whole thing with the kind of gentleman who makes coffee in the morning, picks flowers for my hair, gives me his jacket, always opens the door, and prays with me before sending me back home. :)