Friday, April 17, 2015


Nope. This isn't my Dad - in case you didn't know.

"Oh, hey... Did you try, well - C'mere."

There was nothing strange about Dad wanting me to try some new, exotic food. (I mean; we tried cow guts last year. Seriously.) So as I followed Dad into the kitchen, I didn't suspect the tiniest bit of foul play.

But I should have.

"You need to try some of Roger's chili."

"Oh, sure!" - and I grabbed a spoon. "Is this spicy?"

The silence and sneaky grin shoulda given it all away.

But, still, I gingerly licked the spoon.

.....And then....

Everything was absolutely fine. A moment of simple reflection revealed a very well-flavored, delicious half-a-spoonful of chili.

Then my tongue started to tingle....

...And the roof of my mouth caught on fire. Tears came to my eyes as I groped for a carton of milk in the 'fridge.

Was he laughing, you ask? That's a dumb question. Sorry; but it just is. "That's what ghost peppers taste like." He grinned. Taking another swig of milk, I glared at him over the rim of my cup. As it turns out, he took me out for ice cream later - so I guess forgiveness can be granted, in spite of his rather spicy sense of humor.  ((Because, you know, ice cream fixes everything;))


Kelpie said...

Ow! I have never tried ghost pepper and have no plans of trying them...unless perhaps ice cream was offered as a reward. :)

Bethany Carson said...

Oooh, that's one type of chili I don't want to try! We have a friend who likes everything very hot--his homemade ketchup and pickles are laced with fire. But he is a great cook! Glad you had some ice cream afterwards!