Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Before the After

 "Hey, Kara. Can I use your camera to take "before" pictures?"

"I dunno. Can you?              ...Sure. But only if you promise not to get one. speck. of paint on it."

((Oh, but I love having a photographer in the family.))

Yup. This is my new project. I was super excited when I saw this old thing sitting at Goodwill. It's scratched, decidedly cheap and even comes with a perfectly disgusting gum-and-toothpaste collection stuck on the side of it. But it was only $40.00 and I'd been dying to re-vamp an old dresser - how could I say no?
Somehow, I managed to put all the van seats down, chauffer my treasure all the way home, then muscle the ugly, heavy thing into our basement where it now resides - trying on a new coat of primer.

My Tuesday and Wednesday have now been completely devoted to old clothes, Gospel music and paint (on my clothes, my hair, my fingers, my arms, the old sheet that I spread out over the floor, the floor (in spite of it all) ... and my dresser.  But it's ON THE DRESSER, TOO; So it's okay.)

This is going to be awesome. I'd been praying for just such an old, ugly dresser as this.

....an' now I'm just waiting for the primer to dry.


Bethany B said...

You're literally watching paint dry. ;)

I want to redo a dresser now!

Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

What a great find. I have one that looks almost just like this. I moved it into storage because my room was just too crowded and it was basically empty anyways. But I still have the nightstands and have been tempted to paint them.