Thursday, March 5, 2015

An' we forgot a camera.

I made him drink coffee every morning.

He taught me how to drive a stick shift.

He talked me into riding the ski lift up the side of the mountain...

and I actually came back alive.

He gave me a tour of the firehouse

We went out for Mexican.

I tried to make him drink a "Jumpstart" (it involves three shots of espresso. 'Nuff said.)

He asked me to sing in church...and didn't inform me that his church streams all over the world.

We went for a walk by a frozen waterfall.

And both of us forgot the camera ((which explains the picture, snapped on Ethan's cell phone))

In short; it was terrific. North Carolina is perfectly amazing - especially if you have a good tour guide.  ;)


Zoƫ said...

This post tho <3
Sounds like a wonderful trip...
{making memories}

Zipporah A said...

Awww Ya"ll cute!

Alisha Ann said...

reading this was soo fuun :)

You two make such a cuute couple ;) Can't wait to see where God leads your relationship!!!

It's a shame y'all forgot a camera lol!

I would like to invite you to follow my blog :)


Bethany B said...

Oh, a cell phone counts as a camera (in my world.) And y'all are still a good-looking couple even with all the fuzziness.
And girl, the whole world is honored by your voice. . .it's gorgeous! So, I'm glad he made you sing. :)

Caitlyn M said...

Aww Anna so happy for you!! Sounds like an awesome time :)