Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Ballad of Tuesday

At last there came an awesome day
that I had off from work
And it seems that, well - that is to say,
this line rhymes with "jerk."

But back on subject...Uh, yes, that's right..
..my day was downright thrilling
But I can't think of what to write today
Not even for a shilling.

So I wrote this empty-headed poem, here
just to fill the void
Because if I didn't, I'm afraid - I fear
You guys would get annoyed.

So here you go. Be thrilled. Be wild.
May joy just fill your heart
Cause even if this aint inspired
I still played the author's part. 

The End.

Ps. It's cold.


Alisha Ann said...

Hahahahahaa this is too cuuute ;)

Bethany B said...

I'm not annoyed. ;) I laughed actually!

P.s. It's freezing.