Monday, February 2, 2015

Skiing // Awkward and Aweseome

So, why am I doing this again? I looked up at the rather large disclaimer posted above the ski rental/desk/thingy. About five-zillion reasons why, just as I thought, this was a horrible, terrible MISTAKE.

"You have to try it," he said. "You'll be fine," he said.

Still, as the glowing lights of "Navarino Slope" came slowly closer,I was pretty sure I was facing my last hours. And all because I made him try a cup of coffee...

Awkward - Trying to walk around in ski boots. "kwa-thump kwa-thump kwa-thump..."

Also Awkward - I only fell four times through the night. Three of those times were on ((off, rather)) the ski lift. Oh, bother.

Awesome - GOOD NEWS PEOPLE!! If you point the toes of your skis together, it is impossible to go overly fast. Therefore, there is actually a slight chance that you'll make it to the end of the bunny hill without perishing in a sparkling cloud of snow.

Awkward - When you fall on the hill and your left ski is trapping your right one and your ankle is stuck and you can't get up without breaking it and the little thingy that holds your boot in the ski won't unlatch and the snowboarders are about to plow you over... so. You just sit helplessly on the side of the lift, trying to duck out of the way of the in-coming up-goers until the little thingy finally comes un-jammed and the paramedic walks by and asks you if you're alright and what's the matter? And you're just fine - if you can get up the other half of the lift, that is...

Awesome - Ice skating experience is fairly handy when it comes to "how to stop." I was superdy thrilled to find that stopping wasn't hard at all.

Awkward - When somebody from North Carolina can ski better than you. Downright Hilarious.

Oh, yeah. And between the two of us - don't bother trying something "a little more challenging." Stick with the bunny hill or things won't go well.
The end.


Bethany B said...

I agree with your thoughts on challenging things. I like to watch those moments past while sitting in the safety of my home. ^_^
As for Navarino Slopes and very hazardous situations? Amen. Nothing good can ever come out of skiing down a hill super duper fast. ;)

Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

Once you get used to skiing, it's one of the best sports ever. I love it.

Being stuck on the ground and not able to get up is definitely an awkward moment. I had one of those this year - right in the ski lift line. lol