Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And There was a knock at the door.

It was a sleep-deprived sort of morning. One of those mornings when you grope for a cup of coffee, can't find anything that you would particularly love to wear in the closet, and wonder how on earth it can be possible to have such huge circles under your eyes.

I had kinda/sorta/alittlebit started to get a handle on my to-do list for the day, and was in the middle of practicing some songs on the piano...in those ugly no-fun keys like, Ab and Bb and...just, bleh... and somebody was knocking at the door.

"Hey, Anna! Go get the door." How weird. Most of the time, the grand "Opening of the Pyatskowits' door" goes to whoever runs up to open it first. I don't run, and I don't race - so, in essence, I practically never get the door.


The lock was stuck and it took me forever to get it unlatch. With a click and a whine, the door swung open, and there in the cold fresh-air of February, was the florist. And she was holding this huge bouquet of beautiful flowers, wondering who "Anna" was.

I was shocked. How? What? For Me? For Real? You're kidding right?

But, no. It was all very real and very terrific and very beautiful. I had no clue...

But, I guess, that's Ethan for you :) :) :)

And of course, I just couldn't have not  been wearing a big comfy sweater (and looking like I hadn't slept in a week) on the first day that I got flowers...and Kara takes the picture before I can go change...


Zipporah A said...

Aww that's so sweet! Is Ethan a special boy?

Bethany B said...

{1} Ethan? I as wondering the name of this boy.
{2} You look gorgeous for having one of those days. ;)
{3} AWWWWWWW! This is so sweet. :)

Kelpie said...

Anna,you look beautiful and so do your flowers! I hope you enjoy them!

Anna said...

@Zipporah - One of the specialist ones around!

@Bethany B - Awww....thanks :) :) Yep. "Ethan." As you can tell, he's pretty terrific!

@Kelpie - Thank you so much!

Alisha Ann said...

Are you in a courtship + missed an annoucement?

Anna said...

@Alisha Ann - We're definitely getting to know each other right now :) Not sure what you would call it, exactly? But, yeah.