Monday, November 17, 2014

Round is a shape, right?

About two years ago I was watching a girl try to do five push-ups. The elbows bent out, the back sank low, the hair fell forward...and all I could feel in my heart of hearts was pity as she trembled all over struggling to make it to "three."

Years later, I muse over and wonder at the out-of-shapeness of our society. True, ladies are ladies, but I find it alarming that five small push-ups are all that is necessary to bring one to the end of one's own strength. {Mine included.}

I've tried heavy-duty exercise workouts. I've tried running. I've tried planking. The results, you ask? I have successfully run a mile, I think, but it took me about forty-five minutes to do it. I can manage to endure a hour-long "Plyometrics" DvD - but only when I use all of the modification steps, and then I can barely walk up the stairs to my bedroom. Believe it or not, I did do a whole ten-minute plank workout with Kara...but I nearly died.

I hated them all.

So, I thought, why not just do a very small workout every morning to increase the strength of different muscle groups? Start small and build up...say, like, fifteen minutes every morning.


Yesterday, I did fifty squats {yes, I said fifty.} and two minutes of plank.

And I felt GREEEEEAAAAAT!!! I was strengthening myself, I was becoming fit, I had more energy, I was going to look better, I was absolutely terrific. I could conquer the world.

Then, I got up this morning. We had planned to go shopping in Appleton.

Sidenote: I've always thought that shopping should be considered exercise. Sorry, but, yeah.

After two and a half hours of thrifting, we hit the mall and spent an hour and twenty minutes in there. That wouldn't have been a problem, if my quads and hamstrings wouldn't have been so weak from my previous exertion. That is to say, we sat down to wait for Mom...and that's when my poor legs...and arms...((did I mention my arms?!)) decided that they couldn't handle it any more and tightened into a painful, cold, hard slumber.

Hobbling out the van wasn't that bad, and the two following stores were okay, too....but then, Isaac wanted to stop at Walmart and all the parking spaces were taken and it was a really, really, really, long way to the doors and those, poor, tight muscles just...screamed... in... agony.

"Hurry up, Anna!"

What a laugh. I was trying my best. In my hurry to get out the door, I had also forgotten to drink any water that morning, and somehow there was no time to stop at any of the bubblers for a drink. So I had a headache on top of it.

Struggling to the toy aisle and back out to the van, I collapsed into my seat.

Pitiful. Downright pitiful.

And this evening is weights and cardio. Oh, boy!


Bethany Carson said...

Ouch! Doesn't sound like fun! I hope it gets easier for you...keep up the good work!

Alisha Ann said...

Hahaha I have been there! And I too fail to keep myself in shape (but that is changing)!
I really like doing Ttapp - it works all the core muscle groups ... but doesn't involve weights, squats, planks, etc. I had been doing it for a week and my rear and arms looked smaller. It is aah-maay-zing :)
Love your post ..... I have been following uour blog for a while ...... LOVE IT!♡

Feel free to check out mine:

Alisha ♡♡