Monday, November 3, 2014

Revisiting The Closet

 It's a jungle in there. Scary and dusty and dangerous. For realz.

The other day my dear brother Isaac fixed the light in my closet. Before that, who really cared if the closet was a mess - nobody could see it, anyway! But, eh, today was my day off ((ironically)), and the population of spiders {have I mentioned my phobia of spiders?} + the mountain of "abunchofunclassifiedjunk" that obstructed all ease of access...  I tackled it.

Again. ((I do this once a year.))

See, besides just a place for clothes, my closet has been a great variety of things. In the past, it was my hideout. {Long past, by the way.} Now, it serves as hope chest storage, home to my ginormous memorabilia collection, special gift wrap and, then - and only then - my clothes.

Here's the creative "wall paper" I put up when I was fourteen. {Yes, Kaitlin Sanger - that's you!}

Finally. The serenity of a nice, organized closet.  I'm gonna go have some coffee now...

I think this award is a little better suited now...I hung it smack in the middle of my closet wall. lol!

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Bethany Carson said...

Lovely photos! Looks like you've put your organizational skills to good use!