Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Down To Oklahoma and Back...

Last weekend my dear friend Bethany graduated high school. I thought it was a perfect excuse to go down and visit her:) The graduation was very sweet - there's no shame in admitting that I cried.

 I did.

So there. ;)

We did a lot of singing, drinking coffee and goofing off. {Driving through Braums drive-through backwards and ordering from the back window was a first for me - thanks, Amos.} We also tried our hands at mini golf, go-carting, laser tagging {all three of which I was pitiful at} and this terrific hand/eye coordination game that I actually conquered. I was so proud.

A few other people extended hospitality to the large group of folks who came to join in the festivities - Sister Donna can make biscuits and gravy with sweet, southern style, and Amberly's coffee and ice-cream were nothing to be sneezed at, either!

Had a wonderful time with Bethany and her family - you guys are awesome!

Here's me and my beautiful friend right after they picked me up from the airport. Coffee in hand, you can do just about anything...right? Eh...well, we'll have to work on that one. 

Love you, Beth!


Bethany Carson said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Congrats to Beth! Lovely photo of you both.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fantablous time! I was so excited for you when I heard you were going! We will have to talk sometime soon, or maybe I sould just send you the letter that has been floating around my room! So much is going on! Miss ya :D

Anna said...

Definitely need to talk with you soon, Zoethy!! Haha - my letter-writing has been going about like yours; don't worry about it!