Thursday, July 24, 2014

Valley of the Shadow

I stared out the window, fighting back tears.

Why, Lord?

It was the dark of 2:00 in the morning. I sat on the bed, with an ache in my chest: the heaviest I'd ever felt.

 We just received the call that four very special, young Christians had been killed in a plane crash. I didn't know what to do, holding my friends while they cried, hearing their sobs in the dark - my heart ached, broke for them. What could I do? Nothing.

"Please, Lord, help them where I can't..."

I knelt by the bed; praying, crying. Helplessness swelled and throbbed while I pleaded for something to do; something to say.

But sometimes there just isn't anything you can do.

Johanna, Jonathan, Levi and Sabrina were amazing individuals. I never knew them, myself - just some of the people that were close to them. In spite of that, the testimony of their lives (everywhere now - so many people have been touched by their examples) are absolutely inspiring.

Thinking of them, now, I hear the verse repeat in my head: "Death where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory?" In death, all that can be said of them is victorious. Everybody knows where they will be spending eternity - everyone knows who they chose to serve in their youth. People don't have to say "Why did God take them so early?!" there's peace that "They fulfilled their purpose on this earth. Now God has given them their reward." Lord, let my life be like that.

Please be remembering my friends in prayer. It's the best thing we can do - when the weakest of Christians get on their knees, Satan's kingdom trembles.

Psalms 147:3 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.


Bethany Carson said...

Sorry to hear of your friends' passing. Praying for you and all their families and friends. Death can be so cruel, but for the Christian even in death (as you mentioned) there is victory.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet and touching Anna. I love you :) Thank you for being the special and caring person that you are. I truly believe that God has a fully detailed plan for our lives, and orchestrates everything. With that I will just say that I am so glad he made us friends.
It was wonderful getting to see you again and spending time with you.
Congratulations on the great milestone of graduation :)
Gods Blessings,

Anna said...

Love you, Zoe!!!!