Monday, June 23, 2014

Guess I'm Growing Up.

It's still kind of ridiculous when I realize that I'll be officially "graduated" in three weeks {That's when the "ceremony" takes place, in all it's officiality...}. It's equally weird to know that little ol' me with be turning 18 while I'm at Camp next Thursday. Just plain nuts.

But here I am - up to my ears in party-planning, and loving it. After a while, you kind of wish you could come up with  different way to talk about the event itself. "Anna's Graduation" seems to come out in every other sentence nowadays...and the "Gr" in the phrase seems to gr. gr. grind on the back of your jaw after the nine-hundredth time of repeating it. Something like "The happening" or "Our get-together" or "The ceremony" might be good options... ((kidding))

Of course, I've had my speech "under construction" for years. The slideshow is almost completely finished, the cap and gown wait to drape me in under ridiculousness, and ((by some miracle)) we managed to pick"the" senior photo.

Overall, amidst the turquoise ribbon and lists of, well, everything, I'm most excited to have fun with the awesome folks who are going to come and visit. (!!!) It makes me feel so special that they would take time to come down for this. We're going to have an awesome time... :)

Well, the Pyatskowit Brigade is headed out for a garden tour and some Strawberry Shortcake...


Bethany Carson said...

Love the photo! Yes, preparing for a graduation is so exciting (and it can be a lot of work)!

Anna said...

Thanks! I actually just picked the photo off of Google. lol:) I hadn't taken any pics of the actual decor, but this looks a lot like what we're going for. :D

Alisha Ann said...

Hahahahahaha I know the feeling exactly! About 3.5 weeks ago, I graduated from high school (I too am [wait - was]) homeschooled.

I will be praying that the Father grants yiu mercy in this buay season of life!

Happy early birthday ;)