Monday, April 28, 2014

A Yankee in Dixie

I knew very little about flying, gates and such, in the bleary cold of 3:30 am. Last time I ventured cross-country by air, I just followed Dad from gate to gate in blissful ignorance. He knew where we were going - right? Of course.
Waiting to board the first flight - alone, with my faithful turquoise carryon parked beside me, half-asleep and nervous for a variety of reasons - I waited.
Due to much prayer, I didn't get lost in Atlanta's airport. Mostly, I felt thankful, slightly proud of myself and (above all) relieved. I walked down the final hallway and through the glass doors where my friends were waiting to pick up me.


Camp was fun. The services were amazing (testimony to follow this post :)) and I met lots of new people.

BUT. There is a major difference between NORTHERN humidity and SOUTHERN humidity. The first morning at Camp, I managed to climb down from my bunk-bed without injury and shuffled toward the bathroom mirror. With eyes still half-swollen shut, I stood aghast.

 My hair.
Let it suffice to say that curly hair does odd things in Louisiana humidity. Smearing my mop of wavy frizz with some extra conditioner and, inwardly, pleading for grace to fix it properly, I shrugged and let it "do it's thing." Next time, I'm bring an extra bottle of conditioner - or six.


My favorite part of the vacation actually came after Camp. All the young people who were still in LA for a few days got together to play volleyball, eat junk food and sing for hours.

Singing was the most fun. They have some major talent, down there!
Then, it was "home again." I was happy to get back to my family and catch up on my sleep.

Just kidding. I haven't caught up on my sleep yet. Ha!


Grace Brown said...

I'm so glad you had fun! I REALLY missed going this year...I still regret not going! :( Oh well...I'll just have to make it to BYC and get my camp fix. And yes, it takes considerable time to catch up on your sleep, ha! :D

Bethany Carson said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Yes, humidity can be dreadful for hair...I have plenty of photos to prove it!

I've nominated you for the Liebster award at my blog.