Friday, March 7, 2014


This morning Kara and I sat down with breakfast, coffee and the laptop to create a new blog design.

It had given up and died - my old, beautiful template, and I'd suffered long days with my poor head buried in hopeless HTML codes and failed attempts. I felt like deleting the whole thing.

But as luck would have it, younger sisters are always ten times better at graphic design than older ones. "I don't care," I groaned, "Just design it somehow. Anything would be better than this."

So she decided to tackle the challenge.

We picked a "watercolor" background (since I had already exhausted all other options) and spent an hour diddling with decisions - then I fell in love with an enchanting design. "Well, I suppose I could ....try...that..."

"But," she said, matter of factly,  "You need to think of a new blog name."

A new blog name? She might as well have said "You have twenty-four hours to live." It would probably  have been less of a shock.

My blog name. Four faithful years; through laughter and joy, half a million pitiful blog templates, comments of criticism and praise...change it?! I'd never really loved it, but it was mine - and almost everyone I asked hoped I would keep it.

"Anna, Don't close your  mind. You aren't even considering other options!"

"Yes," I replied haughtily, "I am, too..."

But nothing fit the blog better than the original, plain, boring, long, clunky title I had picked out at the tender age of fourteen. Still, I agreed to try with half-hearted, sarcastic suggestions.


"Tea & Perspective"

"Drama.tic - the life of Anna Pyatskowit."

Kara tried a different avenue. " there someone you like to quote?" So we Googled Anne of Green Gables.

I laughed.

"Buried Hopes" ?

Poor Kara. There I was, peering over her shoulder, squirming in the chair next to her, making constant suggestions, exhausting her with particulars, biting my lips and analyzing the design, begging her to just fix "this" or "that" - "Over to the right, more."

As we struggled, her amazing talent with photoshop (cantankerous creature) and eye for what's "cute" has saved my ruined blog. Slowly she is refreshing it and I hope I don't have to change it for another three years; maybe ten. (jk)

So, what do you think of it? Suggestions? Comments? I'm a terribly indecisive person and your help is welcome.

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