Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Past Is Unearthed

Mom decided to put some old papers into a file cabinet today, but instead of boooorrrring hours of sifting through old records, we spent half of the time laughing over schoolbooks we found deep in "The Pyatskowit Family Archives." It was hilarious to read our old stories and look at the art projects that we smothered in paint or scribbled in pencil. The Math books looked as strenuous as they ever did. There's just no helping that. ;)
Apparently, I didn't do too bad, though...
I found an old file from my Detective Agency. Tons of "Top Secret" stuff hidden in those pages...
{Secret Stuff.}
Oh, but I hated this book. It was called "Easy Grammar for Grades 4-5." How ironic. ;)

Of course, I was never a procrastinator....
Really, it's impossible to sum homeschool up in a few musty folders that still smell like Elmer's Glue. {Or am I only imagining that pre-school scent?} It was a lot of blood sweat and tears, but there were also tons of wonderful memories. I feel that Mom and Dad made a good choice when they decided to teach us kids at home. My five favorite reasons are:
  • Children are so impressionable. If you don't want them to have standards and goals like the rest of the world, don't make them have to constantly deal with a peer group that pressures them to dress, talk and think that way. A Godly atmosphere and daily example showed me that God is real - I first comprehended that truth in the lives of my parents.
  • Being able to read the Bible and pray every morning in school. I remember multiple occasions that found all of us kneeling in the living room and praying until The Lord's presence came. That's an experience that you don't get it public school.
  • The flexible schedule!!! Especially this year, it's nice to not have to get up at the crack of dawn to ride the bus.
  • Being able to make curricular adjustments when a particular method just. won't. work. Parents realize that every child is different - and all of them have different learning styles.
  • The opportunity to grow close with your brothers and sisters is priceless.
A few things that I viewed as "unfortunate" :
  • We NEVER canceled school because it was too cold.
Yes. A mighty long list, I know.

What's your opinion on homeschooling?


Bethany said...

Hey - I'm doing "Easy Grammar for 11th Grade" and I positively put it off until the last moment. Pure torture. :)

You were so creative! I wish I started a super secret detective agency. Well, there was the time I convinced my friend that there were ghosts in her house, and we were too scared to go down the hall. . .

This is so said Anna. Everybody so old now! You're graduating! AGH!!

Bethany said...

*sad. sad. sad. sad. Not said. :)

You know how I love to never proof-read my comments. :)

Bethany Carson said...

An early congratulations on your graduation!
It is fun looking through old stuff (and I have lots of it!) I used to love studying codes and detective information too...and inventing my own. Come to think of it I'm pretty sure I have a "top secret" labeled envelope somewhere too, but it was only a front, filled with unimportant material to mislead enemy agents. The real information was elsewhere ;)

Anna said...

@Bethany: Ah! What-ever, young lady. I've seen your sketches from "Exploring Creation With Biology" classes. Creativity is your middle name. ;)

@Bethany Carson: Thanks! I know...vivid imaginations are SUCH an asset, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you might want to know that the title on your header is misspelled. :S Just to let you know.

Anna said...

Dear it is! Thanks for letting me know, Anonymous.

Caitlyn M. said...

Loved reading this! Brought back a lot of memories from my homeschooling years--so long ago ;)
Peer pressure and wanting to "fit in" could definitely be a big issue for Christian children in public school. Totally agree with your views on homeschooling--the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages!
Thanks for posting! :)

Alisha Ann said...

Loved reading this :)
Home-schooling is in fact the BEST way to go....I was home-schooled from 3rd-12th and even though I hated school, I am so thankful that I wasn't admist the public school :)

Congratulations! I understand how it feels to be done with school...I too just finished ;)


Virginia said...

You know when I started Homeschooling and I wish I could have been homeschooled a lot longer than I was, I will definitely be Homeschooling Jason :)