Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Stuff {In Random Order}

The sun threw a warm glow over everything this morning. It made me happy.
It wasn't hard to wake up when my alarm went off. (Normally it's like: *Yawn/stretch/no, please, not yet/where's the coffee....)
I'm nowhere near perfect but God has "the whole world in his hands" and will continue to guide me through each situation that comes - no matter how many times I mess up.
Didn't crash on the back roads while I running errands today. (Ridiculously treacherous, they are.)
I love grapes!!!
The sky was blue again, which reminded me of summer  :)
Ice skating when Isaac comes home.
A friend sent me a cute e-card.
I have a new book to read - YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! Good books have been eluding me of late.
I get to take care of some friends' animals while they're on a cruise.
I managed to get the (very wiggly) dog's collar back on this morning, in spite of my stiff, aching fingers.
Thankfully, I figured out how to get (the rather stubborn) water dish out of the bird cage, and worked out what to do about the kitty who refuses to eat while I'm there. (Very unsociable, I'd say. ;)
I'm going to buy some cream and honey. I'm dying without my "sweet" kick for today.
Tomorrow's going to be terrific.
What's special about your day?

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