Thursday, January 23, 2014


I really, truly love the sweet aspects of life. Chocolate chip cookies (hmm....gimme five, please) is an ultimate comfort food - the thought of them cheers me up on bad days. (Although I haven't indulged since my birthday in July.)

Latte? Did you just say "latte?"  It's like drinking dessert. Delicious.

Cupcakes....with thick chocolate frosting.

Brownies...over ice cream, with fudge and nuts.

Chocolate chips...and a few walnuts to keep them company.

Cookies....any kind is fine.

So, why did I want to give it all up?

People laugh at me, good naturedly and pop another chip into their mouths. "Well, you have fun with that." 

I agree that there are times when "cheating" is permissible - if you were to offend someone by not eating the casserole they made, if there wasn't any other food available, if you're on vacation or it's your birthday....fine. Go ahead and indulge (I'll be the first to join you) but as far as every day - or even once a week...I think priorities need to come into play.
So really, why does One bother with all these restrictions?
1. When I started cutting out all the grains and sugar, I felt so much better. It was awesome to notice that I had more energy.
2. Obviously, the first one that anyone would think about these days is weight. If you want to feel good about yourself and not constantly be yo-yo dieting, you have to get serious.
3. When you eat healthily, you bypass a whole lot of sickness. Your immune system is in much better condition. {Let me tell ya, it's awfully nice to miss out on the "stomach bug" when it comes around.}
4. Most importantly, as ladies, we are the bearers of life. Unfortunately, our children will be inheriting our level of healthiness because they adopt our "gut flora" before they're born. Basically, if you want to ensure good health for your children (as much as possible) you have to be healthy, yourself. You don't want to be giving them a compromised system to deal with for the rest of their lives.
So I try.
Do you have any health tips or favorite work-out regimes to share?


Shannon said...

I looove eating healthy as well. But oh, chocolate. and lattes. They are so hard to put down! *smiles* Balance is what I strive for. Well done in your faithfulness.... it is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you, Anna. Being healthy in this day and age is NOT easy!
I read this post and thought you would enjoy it...after this year on the GAPS maybe you would be able to tolerate this grain.

Bethany said...

That picture of you is absolutely amazing. :) :) :) I can hear you laughing just looking at it!

It's true though. Except for those cases where I succumb to a warm brownie out of the oven - I generally avoid sweets. Not necessarily for health reasons - I don't like the feeling you get afterwards... :)

Grace said...

I very much agree with all of this...I myself tend to have so much more energy when I eat the way I'm supposed to (which is cutting out wheat and gluten permanently and only eating other grains occasionally.) But it is a struggle!
I especially agree with the whole pre-pregnancy health thing. My sister tells me, "When I get pregnant, then I'll start eating right." But I tell her that a healthy pregnancy starts before you even get pregnant. So I totally agree with that one. High five. By the way, shoot me an e-mail sometime! (I think I gave you my e-mail). I'd love to hear from you :)

Anna said...

Thanks girls! You made my day :)

@Grace: I'll be sure and do that - keep up the good work!

Anna said...

@Anonymous - Thanks so much! That article is stuffed with awesome information. I'll have to talk with Mom about it - looks like this lady knows her stuff!

Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

I know someone who has a work-out regime that you might be interested in. Her name is Kara. :)

I love your last reason. It's something no one thinks about but yet if you were able to pass on a healthy inheritance to your children, what a gift you would be giving. Proud of you for thinking beyond yourself.