Sunday, January 5, 2014

Anna Goes To Tennessee

I was blessed with an opportunity to visit "Winter Youth Retreat" down there last week. It was so refreshing to meet other young people who truly desired to put God first in their lives - and SO much talent! Seemed like everybody could sing or play an instrument!

About a year ago I had heard about it and wanted to go, but I didn't know how it would work out. You can read HERE about how God made a way. :) I'm so thankful He cares about the "small" things.

The services were amazing. Every message was a blessing - I've had so many answered prayers that I'll always look back on with thanksgiving. Talking and visiting was fun, but the times when God spoke (so simply and gently) to my heart were the ones that left me in silent awe. I re-consecrated my life to Him while I was there and I'm rejoicing at how He's renewed my strength.

Choir was SO much fun. I love music, but Brother Keith Buchanan is truly dedicated to it. I was impressed by how detail oriented he was - from teaching everyone their parts, to making sure the instruments knew exactly when to come in. My friend Faith Carlon (the girl with the microphone) sang most of the solo parts and did an excellent job. The song was called "More than Wonderful."
Skits! Three different devotion groups were chosen and given a prop and asked to come up with a skit about it. Ours was duct tape, so the group came up with a skit about complexes. I'm the girl in the black (one of the *cough "evil" characters)
My favorite skit was "God's Permissive Will" - all about choosing the right kind of person to marry. Their prop was a ball and chain - Will Andes ("God's Will") got chained "for good" to a girl named "Jezz" - whose name, he learned (too late, sadly), was actually Jezebel.
I still can't stop laughing.

A few of the girls from my bunkhouse on the night of the banquet. (From left to right: Christine, Angela, Grace and Priscilla - had so much fun with you girls!)

This is an awful picture, but it shows (quite accurately) just how late those nights were and exactly how early those mornings came. lol:)


Grace said...

It was so nice to finally meet you, Anna! I had prayed that God would make a way for it to happen and He did :) I can't wait to see you again. And I'm always right here whenever you want (or need) to talk, about anything.

Anna said...

Love you, Grace! Your Godly example really encouraged me. Miss you...