Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reasons To Be Thankful {Our Very First Thankfulness Tree}

We did it. And it actually turned out. 

I asked everyone to write down (on the little "leaves" that I made") something special, something they were looking forward to, something that cheered them up and one of their favorite things that they were thankful for. It was fun :)

Isaac was thankful for: Sugar, friends and matchbox cars, among other things :)

Becca wrote down that she loved: Kittens, dogs and her family...

Kara added: Peanut butter and coffee {And refused to allow me to post any of the pictures I'd taken of her, save one..and it was of very poor quality. }

Mom was thankful for her loving husband, piano music and hot tea, among other things :)

Then came the assembling party.

Problem 1: Branches sticking out everywhere.
Problem 2: The "Canned Tomatoes" label on my mason jar. 

Solution 1: Use a hair scrunchie to hold your "tree" together.

Solution 2: Prune the "tree"

Solution 3: Cover up the jar with this parchment paper.

Haven't a clue why I look so sleepy; I was having fun, I promise!

Then, I added a band of paper around the top (after cutting the yarn, so nobody can see it) and tied a ribbon around it.



Emily said...

That is so cool. We have never done a thankful tree, but we use the same concept, and it is our favorite part of thanksgiving.
Thanks for sharing,

Elisabeth said...

You did it! You started the tradition that you've always wanted. Serenity suggested I do it for not just our family, but when we get together with extended family, too. That's sounds intriguing to me. I might do it!