Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Awesome. {The End}

The good: Kind compliments on my cookery and glowing reports from my mother to her friends.

Believe it or not, I didn't do it.
The bad: Accidentally serving "Rhubarb and little smokies" for lunch one afternoon and not buying enough food on my last grocery-run. (Too much company, too many snacks and too many deviations from my menu. *hrumph.*)

My favorites: The fun of sweeping floors and the time-for-thought that comes with folding three loads of laundry every day. (Sometimes four...sometimes one, you never know...)

What I dread: Getting up at a set time every morning and wondering whether or not everybody's going to like what I chose to make for dinner. (Meals are important - the prospect of "Pizza Night" can keep me happy when hours are dull - the knowledge that "Split Pea Soup" is waiting for me at the end of the VERY depressing.)

Awesome: That feeling you get when you realize that you've conquered the laundry for today :)

Awful: When you remember that you forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer...and know there's no possible way it'll thaw in time.

Terrific: Being confident that you are (after all the wondering) capable of keeping a house running smoothly after THREE MONTHS of testing it out.

Overall, nobody died and my courteous family was very good about encouraging compliments. I'm very thankful (very, very thankful) that Mom and Dad saw fit to let me gather confidence and hone these skills.

For now, there are exactly seven days until I hang up my apron and pursue another daunting task; Mom wants me to work on sewing. (Sewing? No, no, no, no....oh, please, ANYTHING but that...) It's very much like math for me. ;)

Other than that, there's a few school subjects left to do - a little math, a little science and some Spanish...but then I'll be done. Forever, and ever, and ever.


Bethany said...

Chicken thawing...I failed that long ago. ;) It takes about fifty sticky notes around the house to get me to remember!

I wish I shared your enthusiasm for folding laundry...until it becomes a social thing in our family, I shall forever cry upstairs from loneliness while I fold towels.

Anna said...

lol:) You're hilarious, Bethany! I just hope I can make as many people smile as you do!

Maybe you could try folding the laundry downstairs? We used to fold ours in the living room until we set up a "station" for it in the basement.

Love you, girl!