Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spicin' it Up

Fall has begun and the festivities will be here soon! Sometimes (around this time) school days can seem pretty long and the days take on a dull, monotonous form. Why not spice up your life with a few fall projects? "In all work there is profit." :)
 Here's a few "Pinteresting" ideas that I might be using.
Tutorial Here
I want to make one of these trees with Isaac and Becca this year. SO cute!
How to make burlap roses....
And how to use them :)

So many pillows, so little time :)

Oooh.... patchwork :)

Tutorial HERE
A little hot-glue and some twine should fix these candles up, nicely. :)
Tutorial HERE
Don't forget that a cup of hot-chocolate with make your crafting experience downright magical. Is anyone else trying new decorating ideas this Fall?

(I could frame the saying, too...)


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