Friday, October 18, 2013

How It Feels

One word isn't good enough.
It all became real when I tried on the cap and gown in front of the mirror.
Black - very black.
Ridiculous - I looked like a huge, dark ghost.
But real. Very real.
The first tangible part of this graduation that I've  been plotting for years; silky, formal and full of promise.
I walked through the sliding, automated doors and stepped into gorgeous October air that seemed full of mystery and delight. With the bag swinging from my hand, something grew and swelled deep down, a good, full feeling that expanded and reveled and rose.
I wanted to run - especially since screaming would have been downright humiliating.
But I was in the parkinglot and didn't dare.
Besides:: I never scream.
Well...unless somebody scares me. Or we're about to head over that last, curve of safety and plunge into oblivion while strapped in (by ONE measly lap-belt) to that little, teensy, unstable roller-coaster car. Or when I take long walks in a pitch-black woods and find an unexpected object in my path. Or when somebody "passes" me the basketball and I haven't a clue what to do with it, or...
Okay. Maybe I should stop.
But if there's any situation that is worthy of a little shrieking, this would be it.
I've worked very, very, very hard and (though I am the very essence of "sentimental" right now) simply cannot wait for graduation day.

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! That is so exciting.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.