Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I've Learned

Well, it's been a month - roughly - since Mom let me take over the house. Here's what I've learned:

1. Schedule Smedule - while 30-dinner menus are terrifically handy, it isn't possible for this family to stick to a "meal-schedule" by any means! There's a lot of company and surprises around here, so you just have to "go with the flow". I definitely wouldn't throw the plan away altogether, though - it helps tremendously if you know you can make "Pork-chops and fried apples" tonight, even if you have to scratch that plan in lieu of another one.

Found this on Pinterest - hilarious, aye?

2. Just do the next thing - Sometimes you get sick or exhausted or overwhelmed....and the work just doesn't go away. Meals still need to be cooked, laundry still needs to be folded and math still needs to be taught - you have to stop stewing over how much work you have to do and make a list (mentally or on the 'fridge) and work on the current needs. Remember that you'll get done eventually and tomorrow probably won't be as hectic as today.

3. Mommas are amazing - I know mom would rather have handled the house up-keep herself. She's a very efficient, effective person who loves to stay busy and keep her family happy; this was really hard for her. I really appreciate her willingness to let me spread my wings and grow some confidence...I'm sure my future family would thank her!

{I really appreciate it, Mom, this was the opportunity of a life-time that, I'm sure, many grown women wish they would have had when they were my age. }

4. It's not nearly as hard as I thought - I saw myself floundering up to my neck in laundry, being flustered and exhausted by the time I'd finally gotten supper on the table and running constantly behind. Nope. All mom's sacrificing through the years has paid off and I was shocked to find that the work fit naturally into the ground-work and skills she had started when I was small. {Times when she would have preferred to "just get it done" instead of letting a tiny, bumbling pair of hands risk the lives of her dishes. ;) }

5. I actually LOVE housework. Perhaps that's weird to some people, but really...drying dishes, and folding laundry are two of the most terrifical things ever invented.

                                                                        The End.


Sanger Family said...

I agree with you 100%!! I love drying dishes and folding laundry!! Ahh we are kindred spirits!! lol =D

Anna said...

Hahaha:) Love you, Kaitlyn!