Monday, August 26, 2013

The Hair Salon: Braided updo for super-thick hair

This is my terrific cousin Kala. She made the mistake of saying I could fix her hair. (Mwahahahahaha!) 

Now, there are two facts about this hair. 

1. It's gorgeous.
2. It's extremely thick. 

Actually, it's so thick, that the last time I tried to fix it, I was at my wit's end as I tried to keep it from slipping out of the bobbypins. But not this time. 

Step one: French braid across the top frontal section, like so. 

Same thing to the other side, if you please.

You can loosen the braid before you secure it if your going for the "poof" affect. (Pin it in place.)

Tease the toppermost (Yesss...I know that's not a word) part of the hair until it will stand up in a nice poof. Pin it, like so.

You're going to braid all that's bobby-pinned into a single braid. (If possible, please take out the pins.)

Gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail - but kindly leave the braid out.

Divide the ponytail in half & braid both halves.

Braid all three of the braids you have together. 

Hair Hint: You can tie the ends with a scrunchie like I did and just tuck it under the rest of the bun when you're finished. It eliminates the "sticking out" affect that cut or layered hair has. In this case, it just held everything together, quite nicely.

Coil it around the ponytail pinning generously with each rotation.



Jen said...

Gorgeous! I bet that took you a while!

Anonymous said...

Woow! That's beautiful!! I must learn to do this to my own head :-)