Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camp Chronicles

It was great, it really was. You can read about what God did for me at camp by clicking on the blue words {you just read them}.

This post is going to cover the good, the bad and the awesome...and I'll give you some tips for how to endure the conditions {aka: backed up toilets, mud, sweat, ruined shoes, slimy shower floors, etc.} and enjoy the fun stuff {zip-lining, gaga-balling, singing, ping-ponging, and all sorts of other great stuff.}

First, you need to reunite with  your friends. This is absolutely one of the bestest parts of Camp.
(Meet Nathalie, Kara, Abigail and Samantha - Cheye's hiding back there, too...}

Me'n Zoe {Love you, girl!}

Church was awesome. Period. The worship was wonderful, and we had some powerful preachin' this week!

In line for the zip-line...

This is one, brave, brave soul about to go down the zip-line. {The brown-headed one.} I never did muster the courage to try it...'though I did assist the daring ladies who snuck out of their dorms to try it at 2:30 at night...with permission believe it or not. It pays to be in sister Chrystal and Sharon's dorm, just so you know ;)

Don't bother to try and get a shower in the morning. Just wait...your bleary brain, knotted stomach and dizzy head  DON'T LIKE 6:30 in the morning. They will be very thankful for all the extra strength you can retain to crawl down the bunk-bed ladder. 

It's very important to do goofy things in the lunch look at pictures...or do "the wave"..or randomly join in when everybody starts a line of clapping, then snapping, whooping, and a whole bunch of other creative boredom-stoppers. 

Oh, yes. And, apparently bathrooms are a good place for craziness, too. ;) The facilities were much improved this year, btw. 

Sadly, Camp showers can't really be improved, as far as cleanliness goes.  I forgot my shower shoes one day (when I had gathered my courage and bravely headed for an available stall.) I looked around...and dug through my bag...and there were no shower shoes. No acceptable shoes at all, actually...excepting the dress-shoes I had on. 

and I wore them.

Yes, I did. 

Be sure to have all your friends sign your B.Y.C. tee-shirt. You could have orange or blue this year...(This is my brother, Isaac, btw)

It's very important to sing in the choir if you plan on having a good time. Really. Harmony is super-fun, and the songs are awesome.

Serenity, Abigail, Crista and Caitlyn

This pic is of  last night, at around three in the morning. Everyone over 14 was allowed to stay up and play volleyball in the cafeteria... 'Course I wasn't as interested in playing as much as chatting...which I did, with Sister Elisabeth and whoever else I happened to bump into. (I have pictures, but, unfortunately, they're hiding from me...and doing a good job of it, too. ;)

Then it was time to go home. :( In the dark of 3:30 A.M. my friends and I tried not to cry as we gave good-bye hugs. I exchanged phone-numbers with another friend, took the coffee from mom's friend and gave it to mom, forgot my birthday present back in the dorm, ran allllllll the way to the cabin with my cousin to find it...crawled into the van...and fell asleep. And woke up two states away. And fell back asleep. And woke up in Wisconsin...and then, I drove home. And nobody died. ;)

An exhausting, but terrific week, most definitely!

Thank you to everybody who worked and prayed so hard to make it all come together :)  
(Thanks to Hadassah Peterson and Samantha Skaggs for the lovely photos;)


~The Keller Girls~ said...

How fun!! Great post. =D

Grace said...

It sounds so exciting! I wish I'd gone,but things just didn't work out this time :( Hopefully next time they will!

Anna said...

Hope to see you there, Grace!